Keyboard Warrior (Part Five)

We’re going over the types of opponents you’ll go up against. In the last post, we covered Feminists and the subgroups of them. We’re starting here with a very rare and particular kind of opponent The Crusader.


The Crusader – This type is very rare but if you’re on here, long enough you will run into one of them sooner or later. Anti Gamergate has more of them than Feminism does, but what they all have in common is that they’ve figured out a way to monetize this situation to their benefit. Examples of this type of person are; David Futrelle, Sael Palini (ManCheez), Jimmy Kimmel, Jackson Katz, Anita Sarkeesian, Jonathan McIntosh, Brianna Wu and a few others.

You usually won’t encounter these types outside of their territory. And with just a couple of exceptions they will usually not engage in direct debate especially in an arena where they don’t control all or as many of the factors as possible. Their livelihood depends on keeping this false narrative going, or engaging is Cultural Marxist social engineering.


Some of these people (Jonathan McIntosh) are simply just out and out propagandists that will block you at the drop of a hat if you even so much as call them out on anything. If you can and do have a shot at them use it wisely because you probably will only get that one chance. More often than not you will have to wait for someone like this to make a mistake and then pounce. Which is what happened in January when Nightline allowed comments and ratings on the Anita Sarkeesian Interview.

Current running totals of dislikes to likes on this video is damn near 33 to 1 it’s also not a coincidence that after this video was slammed down that Anita and Jonathan retreated and really haven’t been all that prominent since.

Brianna Wu also had a meltdown moment a couple of months later that she got nailed for and I really haven’t seen much of her since either. These people are usually big targets and unless you have lots of money and/or time to take them down you’re better off attacking their ideas, statements and lieutenants.

In the case of some internet crusaders though, you can and will if patient enough get your chance at them. David Futrelle for instance, is notorious for logging on under and alias and unlike most people will go on the attack. When this happens I suggest that you deal with them in the same way you deal with a Feminazi. Namely play to the crowd, make your point, make it stick let David know he’s had his ass handed to him then leave. David will keep talking and talking if you don’t do this, you’d best keep in mind too that David will lie about not being David, once you’ve encountered him though his style in unmistakable. Sael Palani I’ve never directly engaged yet! From what I’ve seen though she will also keep talking even after she’s been debunked and she will be debunked repeatedly.

On a personal note here I suspect that they do this because they believe that they’re somehow doing damage to the MRM just by posting. While what’s actually happening is that their deluded immature behaviour is speeding up the downfall of the current feminist movement not helping it.

You will rarely be able to take someone like this down, they will usually beat themselves. When they do go down though, they go down hard and loud.

The next group I’ll cover are Manginas

The Mangina – I have another word for a group like this and you’ve probably heard it before they’re otherwise known as sheeple.

Mangina Sheeple

For the most part people from this camp can be pretty much dismissed. As the picture above on the left shows these guys usually have no balls, or even backbone for that matter. This type can usually be encountered on a Facebook thread quietly giving a thumbs up to the person you’re actually engaged with. If they do post up it will usually be just one comment then either nothing then they’ll immediately block you. Or try to claim you’re harassing them simply by challenging what they posted. They will never and I do mean ever enter a sustained fight with you unless they perceive the odds are greatly in their favor. In that case, what will happen is that you will get stampeded. These people are the reason why I made the recommendation earlier that you avoid hostile territory. I was only once a victim of a sheeple stampede and it happened very early on. I learned my lesson there and I moved on.

There have been very rare occasions when I’ve had to engage with a Mangina it’s been when they’ve been caught cheerleading a little too obviously for the person I’m dealing with. Usually by constantly giving them a thumbs up on Facebook or posting a short comment immediately after the person I’ve been dealing with has in support of that person but never addressing the issue being discussed. 99% of the time calling that person out will make them disappear there was one occasion when one of left a sarcastic, snarky comment then blocked me but that’s rare.

As an individual, this person is a coward and spineless simp not really worthy of respect or much attention and I treat them as such online. In groups, however, they can be overwhelming. Fortunately for the greater men’s movement someone hasn’t emerged from the mass that knows how to direct and channel this group. Because if there had been such a person emerge we would likely be in for a serious fight. The longer it goes on like this the better it gets for us.


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