Keyboard Warrior 101 (Part Three)

I’m going to start this part out by answering a very legitimate question that got fired at me a couple of times when I posted up part one.

The question and in one case rather insulting remark made was what does it accomplish winning these flame wars online. Well for a reference I’ve posted a scene from Kingdom of Heaven where Balian meets Salahuddin to square affairs during the siege of Jerusalem. Balian asks one question of Salahuddin what does the capture of Jerusalem mean? Salahuddin answer is simple yet very complex it’s “Nothing….And Everything” You have to 0:40 in this video and play it from there to see it though

So what does winning flame wars on the internet on Men’s Issues mean? Nothing and Everything and you’d be right with both answers.

It means nothing you just wasted anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days engaging with some idiot whose opinion isn’t likely to have changed. Yes, you get the satisfaction of winning but well there are lots of other things you could be doing with your time. Especially if the weather is nice outside or you have a life outside of the internet like I do. Yeah, buddy congratulations you won a flame war! Does anybody give a shit besides you? Probably not, yet at the same time?

It means everything! Remember that unofficial 90-9-1 rule I mentioned earlier. Let’s just break that up into some real numbers for you.

Suppose 100 people posted up at a blog, news article or thread somewhere? Now suppose those 100 people there say a factor times ten more people. That means that your audience has reached 1000 people that saw and read that post you made. Those people saw you win by the way, and you know what those people also have friends. I’ll be conservative here and say that maybe two other people were told about what happened at this site. That’s an additional 2000 people that were indirectly influenced by what you posted up. That either saw or heard about you winning, maybe not you specifically, but they went back and said that these Feminists taken down at this page.

That’s 3000 people who directly or indirectly saw or heard about the win you and others made at this site. Some of those people are Feminists or White Knights that may think twice or just not post up because they don’t want to look bad.

So yes it means everything and you think these engagements are not having an impact? Then why are Feminists so keen to get the definition of online harassment changed via congress right now?

Why has Facebook been so keen on limiting the impact of MRA/MGTOW posts by changing the guidelines in a way that intentionally step around censorship but still qualify as such?

It’s because feminists, white knights and crusaders are just getting creamed the moment they leave the echo chamber. And in an act of desperation certain people are attempting very desperately to give them that protection. Look no further than this picture and article.

Capture Feminist Writers

Need I say more?

What is the why in your keyboard activism? This is an important, and in some cases very personal question that you probably need to have. As I’ve just seen, there are some people out there that don’t see this as actually having any impact. The fact of the matter as I’ve just shown is that this activism is having a very large impact. Yes, one person going to a blog, news site or social media outlet on a person to person basis isn’t going to have a large impact usually. In fact, one of the reasons I started this blog, was because I figured out that while I was a damn good keyboard warrior (I guess my win rate was in the mid/high 90% range) The impact on the large scale wasn’t much.

That said though, if you look at it as just one person then the impact even for a person in the trenches for a while is pretty small. If you take these skills and transfer them. Let other people know how to effectively engage online, and you get say 100 people doing this well you suddenly have a larger impact and not just times 100 but more likely times a few thousand. One person is just one person, but lots of people can add up.

I cannot tell you whether your reasons for doing this are right or wrong. Nor can I answer any criticisms that come your way because you decided to take a stand online rather than in person. Not everyone wants to take stands in person on the ground, or even take it to the next level like me and start their blog. Your why though will be called, and you will have to justify why you do what you do. All I can say is that I sleep better and feel better knowing that I do it myself. Knowing that in some small way there are Feminists and White Knights out there that know thanks to me that they can’t leave their echo chamber and post up ignorant tripe unchallenged.

Yes, these actions of mine and lots of other MRA/MGTOW/Red Pill/Masculist posters are having an impact. No matter what you may be getting told to the contrary.


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