Keyboard Warrior 101 (Part Two)

In the previous blog, I mainly covered the necessity of taking personal precautions and having a proper state of mind before logging on.

I have a peaceful warrior mindset every time I log on now, even if it’s just to play games. Thus, my online persona especially on Facebook, is much more aggressive than I appear to be in real life. Let me make this clear, I view this situation that men are facing as a kind of war. The engagements I have I see them as a show, more like a gladiatorial fight rather than as a winner take all fight. There are places where exceptions will occur though. Like any good fighter, you need to have your weapons at the ready. In this case, those weapons are your personal knowledge and access to information. You also need access to a selection of weapons which gets me to a point I missed in part one.

Have Multiple Accounts – You will get banned, blocked, reported, doxxed, insulted, threatened, etc. on sites. One very common tactic that I developed very early in my Atheist vs. Drooling Fundie Christian days was to have multiple accounts. Both Feminists their allies and Fundies have one thing in common. They will block anyone that challenges their narrative rather than face them. The difference; though is this, Fundies will just block you, Feminists will block you and then try to make it look like you ran, and they won. This is why you need multiple accounts. On sites like Youtube and Facebook blocking someone only means you can’t see what they’re saying, and they can’t see what you’re saying. A tactic I’ve run into frequently is your opponent will post up and then immediately block you. Having multiple accounts will enable you go in and respond. Always remember when you do this to post up that they blocked you on another account.

Screen Savers and Snipping Tool are your best friends – I covered this in another blog post. But here are the links for using the Wayback Machine and A Video on how to use the snipping tool on your computer.

There are other ways to capture a page and here they are


Using the function keys ‘Alt’+’Print Screen’ to copy the screen, and then paste into Paint program, and save for posterity.   For more directions go to this page.

To search google cached pages for a Facebook page

Use the URL: [” Facebook pagename”]


To get a Google cached version of any page:

Use the URL (and insert URL without “Http://”) url without “http://”%5D


These tools are essential in ways you might not believe anymore. The current defense du jour for feminists, and their allies is to claim message harassment. They will fall back on this even if you do something as simple as ask a tough question. The snipping tool and Wayback machine will enable you to save what you posted. Even if they attempt to erase your posts or even the entire thread then claim it you can then post up the pic or page you saved. The nice thing about this is that you’ve now caught them in a lie that everyone can see. Thus far every single person caught this way has backed off especially if they tried to double down and try to lie about what they did. You may also want to remind the person you’re dealing with that are indeed legal consequences for false accusations. Yes, currently this is a hard thing for us men to prove, laws and cultural mores can and will change. Think this won’t happen well have a look at what happened to Edgar Ray Killen 41 YEARS after he  Ku Klux Klan organizer who planned and directed the murders of three civil rights activists—James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner—in 1964

So yes people save this correspondence and put in multiple safe places.

So now you’re online you have hopefully decided if you’re going to engage or not. If you’re here to engage then have everything at the ready before you go in. If you’re here just well goofing off and not intending to engage, you still need to be ready. Like any battle, you need to go into a fight at a moments notice, keep in mind there are situations that will arise at times not good for you thus.

Know when and when not to attack and defend – The nice thing about being online is that you are under no obligation to respond right away. This has happened to me; I’ve logged on to Facebook, Youtube or seen an article that requires a response. But I have to be at work, have a personal appointment or you’re just tired and it’s late. You are free to walk away at any point, in fact in some cases walking away is the best thing you can do. Your computer is your space and your territory. You are under no obligation to immediately answer back. There have been some occasions when taking this break has enabled me to come up with an answer when I couldn’t think of one at the time. It also has the added benefit or derailing or stalling your opponent(s) when they have momentum. Yes, even a skilled Keyboard Warrior will have an argument turn against him for any number of reasons fatigue being a very common one. I had one occasion when I got sideswiped by a White Knight jumping in after I’d been engaging this one person for a while. It was also late, and I was exhausted mentally. My answer was to log off and start up fresh when I got the chance the next day. In this case, I won because the next time I logged on only one of them was on. I was then able to deal with one of them at a time fresh and wide awake as opposed to being exhausted and at the end of my endurance.

Know which sites are good for battle and which are not – This is key each website or social media site has their particular rules and terrain. There are sites that are good for men (A Voice for Men, National Coalition for Men, Return of Kings, The Spearhead, Most men’s rights sites on Facebook, etc.). The middle ground (The rest of Facebook, Twitter, Various News and Social sites). And hostile territory (Jezebel, The Mary Sue, Feministe, We Hunted the Mammoth,Feminist sites on Facebook etc.)

As a general rule, Good sites are sites that you can count on plenty of allies jumping in to back you up. If any Feminist/SJW/White Knight does post up on these sites, they will very likely be overwhelmed quickly unless they brought back up. Which to date I haven’t seen or heard of happening. That isn’t to say that you won’t get attacked there I’ve had what were supposed allies jump on me because of misunderstandings or personal dogma. I avoid long drawn out fights here not good for overall morale and potentially divisive to boot!

Neutral sites are where you’ll be doing most of your fighting. It can happen pretty much anywhere it tends to fall into one of two categories, Social Media or News Websites. Social Media is a case by case basis for me it’s usually fallen into some feminists/SJW/White Knight posting up an article, statement or picture that demands a response. Facebook has a different tack than Youtube. On Facebook, you’re more likely going to get drawn into heated but usually short fights that if you’re already in the proper mindset and prepared are usually over and won by the second or third post. Facebook thus far has also been where I’ve encountered the most underhanded and dirty tactics too. YouTube can and will be an absolute cesspool when it comes to fights the good news is that these engagements take place over a longer period of time and you have to respond properly. Done with some forethought and planning a fight here will also usually be over in a couple of posts. News Sites, on the other hand, it all depends on the article and what area it falls under. Articles about gender or feminist issues will attract more feminists, social justice warriors and white knights than say an article about men’s rights will. Depending on the site, you will encounter a varying degree of engagement. Buzzfeed and The Good Men (Boys) Project, for instance, are just as likely to block or ban you than to let you post. Other sites (Alternet, Huffington Post and other news websites) will usually allow to post up whatever you need to say unless you swear, threaten someone or post up racial/anti-semitic comments. Fights here are usually a little longer than facebook and are usually more civil. That hasn’t stopped someone at a website from doxxing me though. Around 80 to 90% of my fighting happens at these sites. Again being prepared can and will sometimes end an engagement quickly.

Hostile Sites or as I refer to them Echo Chamber sites are sites the opposite of Good/Friendly sites. I almost never go in and post up these sites. I look at it like the Mongoose and the Cobra and these sites are the Cobras den. No matter how good of a mongoose I am, I can only slay so many cobras before I get overwhelmed. The people at these sites rarely if ever listen and you also run a much higher risk of being reported for something or being blocked. I look at it this way I have one shot at each of these so I need to use it wisely. There are exceptions though one being celebrity sites. I have recently posted up at sites of a couple of celebrity musicians that just had to post up mangina crap like this.


They act like Manginas then I treat them like Manginas.

There will come a day when we will engage in a strike against these sites, that day isn’t today though. If you absolutely MUST post at one of these sites. Post up once or twice then leave you won’t get any converts here and even most of your audience reading the comments is hostile to you as well.

The Arena- Remember what I said about online sites being similar to a gladiatorial arena? There’s an unofficial 90-9-1 rule I follow. Meaning that 90% of the people will simply read the article then leave. 10% will go to the comments and read them, and 1% will actually post something. This 10% is your audience they’re the spectators in the crowd. On a neutral site, they’re also usually neutral in regards to the MRM and Feminism. These are the people you’re playing to, you’re usually not going for the win and slay your opponent. Some of them are so dense that they don’t even know they’ve been beaten, or will keep talking because they’re hoping people haven’t noticed or that getting the last word in magically means they win. Those are the people you want to see getting the message you want this group to see you win or discredit your opponent, they will also share this with their close circle. This is a slow as molasses process that requires you to constantly log on and fight. Just think of it as getting to your goal by adding a brick or hammering a board once or twice a day then leaving. Maddeningly slow and frustrating as this process is it’s necessary. It really helps to think of it as battle of inches.

Now if anyone has information on Twitter and engagements there please message me

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