Keyboard Warrior 101 (Part One)

I started this blog for a few reasons. First one being personal getting past negative opinion and keeping going is an essential part of my growth as a person right now. I do plan and do have a video blog sitting on a computer somewhere, and it will be released at some point. Another reason I started this blog was because I needed and wanted to reach a bigger audience, and I have. I’m guessing I’ve had more impact in just three months of doing this blog as opposed to 2 years of doing what I was doing before, namely being a keyboard warrior.

Being a keyboard warrior is a skill, like any other skill it needs to be developed and honed. I started out in the Atheist sites going up against the Atheism+ crowd. A bunch of people who are easily as intellectually dishonest and fundamentalist as the creationist science, young earth believers we used to fight against. The damage done to Atheism by the Social Justice Warrior crowd via Atheism+ will likely take years to undo if it ever gets undone at all. But before we get any theists happily jumping up and down about this. Remember that Atheism+ came in under a false banner and it took a while for people in the community to figure out what they were doing. Luckily they did, and they have in essence contained it now but like I said before damage has been done.

I’m digressing here I honed my skills via these first fights along the way I started by necessity going to MRA sites and groups to get feedback on how to deal with these people. I got my ass handed to me a lot at first, wasted a lot of energy saying more than was necessary and also didn’t know, when to fight or how to either. I learned quickly that this was a fight, not a fight with guns and blades but a battle of ideas and concepts. Along the way I’ve picked up a tactic or two and I’ll give you a brief overview of how, when and where I fight. Each person is going to have their style of fighting online, and I encourage you do develop your own. In fact, that’s the very first thing you need to know.

Develop your style – I frequently ran into opponents that had some passing familiarity with MRA’s and knew how to deal with the untrained. They were able to win most of their online fights because the casual keyboard warriors, much like the casual misandrists, white knights and manginas they didn’t know much about the issues. Resulting in one-sided, ad hominem style of fighting that was easily winnable. Don’t be that predictable person.

Get Familiar with the issues – Meaning go online, do some research read a few articles, specifically articles and Youtube videos on how to answer back to people coming at you. Can’t get laid is one that as an MRA/MGTOW/Masculinist/Red Piller that you’ll hear a lot. There’s plenty of materials out there that will be helpful. Find it, read it, watch it, take notes LOTS of notes.

Mindset is important – Know! I do mean know before you even log on that you may have to get into a long fight. Mentally and Emotionally prepare before you even log on. Breathe deeply and as much as humanly possible be in a calm and relaxed state before you even start. Even if you’re not going on for a battle session be prepared. Sometimes a social justice retard will come at you out of nowhere.

Have a database of information and your tools handy – Meaning that you know exactly where to get the information you need to answer or challenge someone. For the people starting out this site is an absolute must it’ll give you the basics on how to deal with the various types of opposition. I do occasionally still re-read this site because it’s easy to forget. Have this site readily available at all times.

This one I’ve been using a lot recently as well it’s got most of the counter-arguments that feminists and their allies keep posting up at one location.

Keep your information updated, feminists are trendy as fuck, and they’ll usually (But not always) keep rolling out the same excuse over and over. This excuse will change over a period, so you need to be flexible and switch gears from time to time. For instance, the most recent trendy answer has been “The Dictionary version of Feminism is….” However, as the manosphere got smart to that answer, they’ve switched. The new current trendy response to a person in the manosphere appears to be. Oh, help me I’m being attacked by these evil menz, look at the bullies. Most popularly known as the VICTIM CARD defense, I ran into it again yesterday.


Don’t allow easy access to your personal information – Social media sites shouldn’t have information like addresses, phone numbers, current employers, etc. Sometimes this information because of the work you do has to be available. Keep this information down to a minimum. While this won’t completely protect you because the people you’re fighting against can and will twist facts about you. Know what’s there and what’s not. My Linked In account, for instance. Doesn’t have any of my most recent or current employers listed. They have to request it from me if they want it. Make no mistake doxxing is an issue, and you need to be prepared for it before you start. You especially need to know this if you have any unpopular opinions or belong to other unpopular, weird or alternative groups. Which gets me to my last point about this blog.

Be OK about being you – If you have an insecurity, or personal habit like getting mad too fast. Better be aware of it and stow it before you start. Because yes there are people you’re going against that will use it against you.

So, you’ve got your tools, information, and mindset all ready for battle. Just a couple of other suggestions before I end part one of this series. First you’re not less of a person for going online and engaging these people online. Yeah and be prepared to lose friends being a member of the manosphere and te greater men’s community comes with a price and losing friends is one of them.

More on this in part 2

5 thoughts on “Keyboard Warrior 101 (Part One)

  1. There is one response that I have lined up for one definition of feminism that some girls love to trot out. It goes like this.

    Argument : Feminism is about demonstrating that girls are in fact human beings.

    My response : (gales of laughter) Thank you darling for your assurance that I’m not fucking animals.


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