Gamergate Actually it’s about… (And What Feminism might be about)

This came out about a week ago

If you haven’t seen it yet, I will encourage you to do so. And not just because he uses a section of a blog I wrote to make his point either. But in case you missed it here it is for you to read

In this post, I postulate that Jonathan McIntosh isn’t all that stupid. He’s essentially marching Anita Sarkeesian out to push his agenda because he doesn’t have the charisma to do it himself. This video by Seattle for Truth reveals a much deeper rabbit hole. One that shows that not only is Anita Sarkeesian nothing more than a talking head. But Jonathan McIntosh himself doesn’t believe anything he’s saying either! Why is this because his direct boss Mimi Ito doesn’t believe it. And If you watch this video gone on the record for saying so. Even though she also clearly made an attempt to cover her tracks while Seattlefortruth was making this video.

This confirms a much larger agenda and it also explains why Jonathan has done his level best to ignore, censor and block all the criticisms that have come his way. He’s not going to defend his actions because in truth he hasn’t got anything to defend because it’s all a sham, and it always was.

There is one moment that stood out for me in this video that applies to Feminism.


LET’S PRETEND that the leadership of Feminism also knows most of it’s arguments are a sham. The National Organization of Women is arguably the largest women’s organization in North America boasting over 500,000 members. This organization has been noted for one thing in my time inside the MRM, and that’s the fact that they’ve been incredibly silent about the MRM. In fact, the other large women’s organization Concerned Women for America has been even quieter. So quiet in fact that this is only the second time I’ve even encountered the name, despite a membership that equals NOW. This is probably because of their theistic and conservative stand. Two things that I don’t hold in common with them, but I’m not here to comment on CWA I’m here speculating about the National Organization of Women.

It wasn’t until I saw that video that I realized something. While NOW has been very quiet about the MRM and the MRM has except in one instance with Janet Bloomfield on NOW being opposed to shared parenting a page which they then deleted they’ve avoided criticism. What they’ve also been noted for is not speaking out against the rampant misandry inside Feminism.

But here’s something else I just realized about NOW, they’ve also avoided endorsing that segment of misandric feminism as well. Now that means they haven’t done it, I just haven’t seen it. For the longest time, I had simply assumed that the reason they haven’t said anything about Men’s Rights was because if they did that would elevate the MRM onto the same stage they’re on. And well just couldn’t have that now could they? You know what it may also be partly be true as well.

Here’s the cruncher though, for the most part, people in the MRM have been using hard verified facts that check out. Departments and Ministries of Justice, Labor, etc. The MRM has had to use hard facts because if they hadn’t they would’ve been defeated a long time ago. The truth has a way of standing on it’s own.

But here’s the clincher! Thus far, the MRM has been for the most part fighting radical feminists, misandrists, and feminazis. The Liberal Feminists, the ones that are running NOW have stayed out. Even though their intervention early on could’ve almost killed the MRM a few years ago and even now if they pushed on the MRM could slow it’s progress down to a crawl, but they’ve stayed out of the fray. And as it turns out it’s not just because they don’t want to elevate the greater MRM movement.

It’s because the leadership and bean counters inside now have looked at the facts that the MRM has been presenting and realized that we are telling the truth! So here you are you have this group of screaming harpies, you can’t stay in power without them. But at the same time this group is slowly but surely going to kill you if you don’t do something about them. Especially since the men that they’re so angrily opposing have facts that CHECK OUT! What do you do?

The moral choice is clear, you denounce this group put as much distance as you can between them and you and then clean up the damage. That would be the honorable and decent move, we all know by now though that Feminists are for a greater part neither honorable or decent. The ones running NOW are not nearly as dogmatic, but they are very political. Their move is the politically correct choice for them. Allow these useful screaming harpies to keep fighting the MRM and keep spewing the lies and hate. Say nothing to opposed them but also do nothing to support them either, at least not directly.

Why? Because at some point in time this group will eventually beat themselves. They will quite happily look the other way as Bahar Mustafa is allowed to keep her post at Goldsmiths College. They will also do so as Emma Sulkowicz gets honored by Ms. Magazine for making a false accusation and while Lena Dunham walks around unscathed for potentially molesting her siblings. Because you see they didn’t speak out against it, but they ALSO never spoke in support of it either. I fully expect this trend will continue into the future as well. As the outrages pile up, and the MRM hits that trigger moment.

THEN they will sweep in! They will actively take a role and quite willingly participate in the process of throwing their now useless and dangerous former allies under the bus to save their skin. They will have plausible deniability after all they never “supported” these women openly. There will be nothing tying them directly to these radicals and misandrists. Except of course there is, and likely always will be a silent group of orbiters inside NOW that did quietly support this and they will go very quiet and hope they don’t get discovered. But the face that they will try to present to the MRM is that they’re ready to talk.

The thing is though they know in all likelihood that it’s mostly a lie right now. They have access to the same stats we do, unlike their rad fems, misandrists and feminazis they’re not so caught up in the dogma that they can’t see it. Which is why they’re acting the way they’re acting now. Not just because they don’t want the MRM on their level, But because they know it’s a lie.

And when they try to pretend to be our friends,and make no mistake that day will come sooner than most of us realize. We need to let them know that they’re not our friends and that before we even talk to them. They need to purge their ranks of the quiet orbiters and secret misandrists inside their ranks. And we should never forget who we’re dealing with. This isn’t a group of screaming harpies; this bunch is smart and very politically savvy we need to be ready for this group before they even arrive. Because it looks like in one form or another, all roads eventually lead to dealing with the National Organization of Women sooner or later.


2 thoughts on “Gamergate Actually it’s about… (And What Feminism might be about)

  1. Matthew Chiglinsky

    The phrase “men’s rights” is as much an oxymoron as “female empowerment”.

    Men are innately strong and therefore don’t need rights.

    Women are innately weak and therefore will never truly be empowered.

    It’s our artificial government and technology that’s causing the gender war. Make the government smaller and abandon abusive technologies, and the natural roles of men and women will re-emerge.


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