Message Harassment; Your counter measures

I was going to include this section in my series of blogs on keyboard warrior but. In the past ten days, I’ve run into either feminists or manginas attempting to fall back on the accusation of ‘message harassment’ when they get challenged or called out on a website or comments section.

It works like this, feminists, manginas or white knights will post up some long debunked fact like “feminism is working for men’s rights” which is something I ran across. Others include the usual wage or well pick anything because they’ll whine about pretty much anything.

It then works like this one of us will then go in and challenge, now depending on how fallacious the claim is the response from one of us can sometimes be pretty angry. It doesn’t even have to be angry though they’ll attempt to claim message harassment even when you’re doing something as simple as posting up counter facts. Anger is a very legitimate feeling when you see this group posting up blatant lies. Something they do a lot of by the way. Well, you post up then one of the two things have happened that I’ve seen, they either. Start crying harassment immediately claiming that whatever you posted up is bullying them. Never mind that in some cases what they’ve posted up before is a lie you (Yes you! You misogynistic bastard) you dared to disagree with them and call them on it. Or they’ll block or delete you and start a thread or keep going making it look like everyone agrees with them. And when called on it they’ll claim harassment. Regardless of what language you use.

This used to come up every once and while but it appears to be on the rise now. Mostly because it’s become clear to the feminist hive mind that the dictionary excuse simply isn’t working anymore. So now they’re going to the victim card routine. This tactic relies on the people who are in the crowd, not fact checking. And usually we people of the greater men’s movement (MRA, MGTOW, Masculinists, Red Pill, Sterling, Anti-Feminists) are not usually in the habit of saving our communications online. This enables the opposition to get away with lying and putting the burden on us to prove otherwise.

Luckily online there are options that don’t exist in real life, and it’s suggested that you start putting these suggestions and any other ideas you hear about into practice. I can very easily see a group of feminists going to Facebook for instance and demanding that they stop this behavior. In fact a couple of years ago they did try this it didn’t go anywhere, but they did try. If they had succeeded, it could’ve seriously hampered the men’s movement to keep growing.

So what to do?

Well first get familiar with the snipping tool on your computer. Have it readily available so if or when you encounter some feminist/white knight/mangina posting up something you need to challenge you can save the communication. Keep this picture of your communication(s) on a file somewhere. I also recommend having at least one backup account in case you get blocked. Now if they run away then well no problem but if they stay you then have to call them on their actions. If it’s a website, that’s notorious for deleting comments (Buzzfeed, RAW Story, etc.) then use the Wayback machine

There are other ways to capture a page and here they are


Using the function keys ‘Alt’+’Print Screen’ to copy the screen, and then paste into Paint program, and save for posterity.   For more directions go to this page.

To search google cached pages for a Facebook page

Use the URL: [” Facebook pagename”]


To get a Google cached version of any page:

Use the URL (and insert URL without “Http://”) url without “http://”%5D


They will then fall back on the claim that you ‘messaged harassed’ them. At this point, you can then if the site allows it post up the links of the saved screen or the pics of your message. You then ask them to specify exactly where the harassment is and what it was. DEMAND specificity, let the person know that any and all communication between you is going to be screen saved. This prevents them from lying their way out of it. Another thing you may want to consider doing? State matter of factly that refusing to answer or deleting the new thread is a de-facto admission that they lied, and they’re unable to back up their statement. I like this method because it not only rubs salt in an open wound, but anyone who’s sitting on the sidelines being a quiet supporter has also seen this. It may even prevent this quiet supporter from doing the very same thing in the future.

You also let the person know that any further communication between you will also be saved. At this point, they may go silent or they may do any number of things including attacking you. Keep the conversation on topic, don’t allow them to change the topic in any way. Now of course at this point there’s any number of reactions. Another person might jump in especially if the person you’ve been dealing with is female. I strongly suggest that you keep the tone as civil as possible especially if it’s a woman. A woman can and will take any vulgar language as proof of harassment even if she’s been doing it herself. Except of course you’ve been saving the responses so s/he shoots themselves in the foot.

Now there are also some options if they fail to respond after a day or so, you can openly declare victory. This might get them to come back. You can also leave a statement of some kind proving your point. These are play to the crowd moves and they’re optional. Sometimes I do them, sometimes I don’t it all depends on the personality of the person I’m dealing with. I’m much more likely to do this to a White Knight or Mangina. After all they want to be the hero and start a fight, handing someone their ass will likely prevent them from doing it again.

If you have any other tactics please post them up, information is our best weapon against this crowd.

Oh and one things that part about screen capture I suspect that I got it from a feminist blogger. How’s that for irony?


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