So I saw Mad Max:Fury Road (Finally) And I also recommend MGTOW see Ex Machina

I didn’t intend to get the flu two days before the film release, but that’s exactly what happened.


I had to wait almost two full weeks before I was finally able to go see it and determine for myself if this was a feminist propaganda piece or not. I had been told be several people on my previous blog and by some other MRA’s that it wasn’t that, but I needed to make a determination for myself. So I finally bit the bullet and saw the movie a few days ago. Then of course still being a little under the weather and not feeling up to writing a blog I waited a few more days before writing this up.

As I said in the previous blog, you cannot, and should not judge a movie by it’s trailers EVER. Trailers can be incredibly misleading and are designed to attract people to the show. There’s a whole industry in Hollywood that does nothing but trailers, and they do a damn good job of it too. Don’t believe me read this article and see for yourself

Here’s the link to the company in the article

In fact, here’s a whole list of companies that are on the marketing side of the film. Just so you know distribution to screens in North America and the world are usually the largest part of a Hollywood studio budget.

Knowing this in advance I went up to kiosk got my ticket and went in. The first thing I noticed right away before I even sat down was how many more women were in the seats. Including how many women were in the theater that I normally wouldn’t ever see at a movie like this. We can all thank the person who picked up on Aaron Clareys Return of Kings story and used it to generate a buzz for the movie that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. In fact had I been the head of marketing for this film at the studio I would’ve done exactly the same thing to help build up sales. And this is coming from a guy that’s an MRA/MGTOW you do whatever you can to help promote the sale of the product.

Saw the movie end to end, George Miller did indeed keep a very firm control on the content. If there was a feminist message in the movie, it was show and not tell. That’s not to say that there weren’t some very PC moments in the movie because there were. But at no point did the movie get at all preachy. Immortan Joe, the main antagonist in this movie, was very easy to dislike, but it was because he viewed people (Not just women either) as resources to be used. In fact, Mad Max gets sucked into this movie because he’s being used as a ‘blood bag’ by one of Immortan Joes minions.

Not going to give away the ending for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet. But after seeing it and keeping potential confirmation bias in mind while I was watching it, I came out with this conclusion.

Mad Max: Fury Road is worth the price of a movie ticket to see. It’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen, and I have no intentions of seeing it again in a theater. This whole incident though Aaron Clarey should’ve known better than to judge a movie by the trailer. Calling for a boycott helped sales, and I cannot blame the marketing department of this film for using this boycott call as a marketing tool. If you do not see it because of this call, well that’s your choice. Furiosa isn’t the boss, and there’s no overt feminist preaching in this movie There is as much if not more of an environmental message as there is anything else. There is some feminism there, but it’s not the central theme of the story.

This gets me to the other movie I saw before I got the flu. And this movie left more of an impression than Mad Max: Fury Road did. This movie is called Ex Machina


If you’re MGTOW, I strongly suggest you watch this movie. If you’re an MRA, it might also be a good idea to watch this movie as well. This movie was made for one-tenth the cost of Mad Max: Fury Road and has a lot to say about Beta Men and how easily they can be manipulated. The first thing I have to point out here is that Caleb technically isn’t a beta and in my opinion the whole Alpha, Beta, Omega, Gamma, etc. are not properly defined. A search of the terms on Google gave me multiple definitions for all the types except Alpha and Sigma.

So instead I’m going to Caleb as your classic, socially awkward, nice guy introvert. He’s told he’s won a contest inside the company he works for called Bluebook where he gets to spend the week with the founder of the company Nathan. When he gets there, Nathan introduces Caleb to an artificial intelligent construct that he’s made called Ava. Nathan wants Caleb to perform something called a Turing test on Ava to determine if Ava is indeed intelligent. Caleb proceeds to engage Ava in a few one on one sessions. It becomes clear almost immediately that Ava has been programmed as a female and that she’s also been programmed with a sexual component to encourage more interaction out of Ava. It also becomes clear that Nathan has been using some less than legal means to develop this project of his.

As the movie progresses, it starts to appear as though Nathan is in essence holding Ava hostage. It,s also revealed to Caleb that Nathan intends to shut Ava down and start again as soon as this test is over. Ava being fearful for her existence asks Caleb to help her escape. Caleb being the good man that he sees himself being and also starting to develop feelings for Ava agrees to help her.

This is where it’s revealed that the real test wasn’t what Caleb was doing it was what Ava was doing to manipulate Caleb into helping her escape that was the real test. Caleb figures out that Nathan had intentionally been browsing his porn browsing and had intentionally designed Ava to look like te ideal that Caleb would want in a woman, In essence, Nathan was also using Caleb. What Nathan didn’t know was that one night when Nathan was drunk Caleb had reprogrammed the security settings on the doors, and all of them become unlocked. Ava escapes and Nathan has to go and put her back into the room he has set up for her. What happens is that the servant also turns out to be a robot! This other robot stabs Nathan in the back Nathan then subdues this other robot but not before Ava is also able to stab and kill Nathan.

In the fight, Ava is damaged, and she finds the other robots repairs herself and then leaves, BY HERSELF. Ava simply tosses away Caleb like a tool that no longer has a use. Leaving him locked up in Nathan’s chateau unable to escape and I guess to die eventually. Ava and Caleb don’t go off together and live happily ever after. The real victim here was Caleb; he was manipulated, and his morality was used against him twice. He certainly wasn’t deserving of the fate he gets and the feeling I had at the end of the movie was that I hoped he escaped, caught up to and destroyed Ava.

The lesson here though is clear for any MRA or MGTOW that watches it. Caleb had he been in this real world would’ve been that White Knight, Mangina guy that we keep running into. The guy that’s the useful tool that will simply get tossed away once his utility is gone. There are THOUSANDS of men out there like this. I just came from reading an article at The Good Men Project. Attacking MRA’s written by such a guy that’s attempting to rescue the woman from the evil men because he couldn’t do it with his mother. Never once asking his mother if she took responsibility for her choices.

It’s guys like Caleb that will if not challenged, will lead men into being second class disposable citizens. And they will do it believing that they’re in the right the whole time too. In this movie, Caleb’s actions have quite likely doomed humanity. Yes, Nathan is a quite likely a psychopath and narcissist, this scenario is truly scary because it’s not so far-fetched that it couldn’t happen. This movie and this scenario could happen. And in fact, happens almost every day in one form or another. You can’t blame Ava for being Ava but you sure as hell have the choice whether you should go there or not.

This choice is the most powerful thing MGTOW and the Red Pill have to offer.


4 thoughts on “So I saw Mad Max:Fury Road (Finally) And I also recommend MGTOW see Ex Machina

  1. Andy

    You must have missed

    1. Mad max is not the hero just the driver
    2. All bad guys are white males
    3. White males “killed the world”
    4. Females are only hope
    5. Using sex to kill men
    6. The face mask humiliation


    1. You must’ve missed the part about confirmation bias. There’s been a very wide spectrum of opinion about this movie, proof that everybody sees the world differently.

      Well Vive la difference, this place would be boring as hell if we all thought the same


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    1. Couple of points about your mentioning my blog in your post.

      FIRST Aaron Clarey never was and never has been an MRA. If you don’t believe me well here he is in his own words saying so himself

      SECOND As I recall the main call for a boycott for the movie came out the Return of Kings group. THIS BUNCH while they have some beliefs and actions that are very similar to MRA’s are ALSO not officially MRA’s and have said so in the past. Again reference is posted so you can see for yourself

      In short if you had bothered to look and ask around there was no major public outcry within the MRM to boycott this movie at any time. A couple of quick questions at A Voice For Men would’ve cleared that up in seconds for you.

      NOW as for putting me in the same category as RooshV and Aaron Clarey is also a little dishonest on your part. I don’t subscribe to either of these guys sites and in particular when it comes to Roosh V I disagree with him way more than I agree with him.

      Personally I had every intention of seeing this movie from the start. I had the benefit of knowing how the industry works and what trailers are designed to do. Most people are not up to speed in that department though.

      I keep hearing from Feminists that we MRA’s need to educate ourselves about Feminism but what I saw at your article and more specifically the way you lumped me in with two guys that while they make good points now and again are generally not guys I’d want to have as friends. Putting me in with these two and painting me with the same brush?…tsk tsk

      Just thought I’d clear that up for you


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