I will probably go see Mad Max: Fury Road (Despite the potential Feminist Preaching in it)

Marketing is a very tricky thing! It’s designed to do one thing and one thing only. To get you to spend your money on their product or service. I am starting to find out about this in the process of writing this blog and running a film group as well. I had intended to go see it the moment I saw it, long before some of the ominous warnings started finding their way to my laptop. I have in the past not gone to see movies that have received the thumbs down from the Men’s Movement. In this case Maleficent and The Other Woman.

Maleficent The Other Woman

In both of these cases though the marketing was pretty easy to spot. Maleficent didn’t fool me at all for instance. I noticed that all the antagonists in the movie were male and acted even in the trailers like cardboard caricatures of villains I’d seen before. That and I was old enough to have seen Sleeping Beauty in theatres back when Disney would re-release Sleeping Beaty and remember the character played by Angelia Jolie quite well. But well here have a look for yourself not a very likeable character in the original animated movie.

Why it even came complete with White Knighting

Suffice to say that rewriting this character just smacked of feminist dogma LONG before it ever came out.

With the Other Woman, it was even easier. The guy is cheating women find out and want to get revenge because you know simply calling him on his bullshit, and all three leaving wouldn’t make much of movie now would it? This was pretty easy to spot and given how this theme has already been done before. I pretty much knew what to expect and didn’t go see it.

Now this movie though? It was much harder to spot! But once I’d seen the articles and took another look at the trailer with a different eye I saw what people Aaron Clarey were talking about! To illustrate the point I present Exhibit A

At 1:02 Charlize Theron clearly gives orders to Tom Hardy

While this isn’t unusual for trailers to piece together different scenes from a movie to tell a different narrative. Once seen it cannot be unseen, most of the rest beyond that is just the usual explosions and action sequences.

Exhibit B from 0:51 on it’s pretty clear where the antagonist stands in regards to women. It also shows clearly that Charlize has a pretty large say in what’s going on and Tom Hardy isn’t involved

There are only a few ways that I can interpret these trailers. They’re either trying to via subtle marketing to appeal to women by playing up Charlize Theron in this movie in order to boost viewership. Or they’re attempting to sneak in a message about Social Justice and Feminism into the movie. Or there is a much lesser chance that they’re attempting to do both. Given what I know about the Film Industry, which is likely more than 99% of the rest of you. (I’m not a film maker with an IMDB profile by accident you know) And to a lesser extent what I know about Hollywood, I’m leaning towards the first option myself.

Now, there is a real chance that Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow Pictures picked George Miller to do both. Let’s just have a look at his film credits; I used his Wikipedia Credits because it was easier to cut and paste than his IMDB profile

George Miller Filmography Wikipedia

But here’s his IMDB profile if you’d like to have a look


The key point with me is that George Miller has done the entire Mad Max series. This series is his baby, and he will do what he can as the Director to stay as true to the story and character as he can. And I don’t think he had a hand in the marketing of the movie.

That said though his most famous movies beyond the Mad Max series have been the Happy Feet series, The Babe Movies, Lorenzo’s Oil and more specifically The Witches of Eastwick! So George Miller does indeed have the skill to soapbox while making an action movie. The best directors and storytellers show you, they don’t tell you right to your face. Which incidentally, is why I never got into any of Spike Lee’s movies, because he just couldn’t help himself that way!

So is Mad Max: Fury Road a Feminist flick trying to disguise itself as an action flick? I sure hope not. There are some ominous signs out there and given what I’ve seen with the article, what Aaron Clarey pointed out in his article, and what’s written at Vanity Fair simply cannot be dismissed out of hand!



But alas for me it goes like this! Even though I’m an Atheist I can and will go see movies about Jesus and Moses especially if they’re good, and despite my theistic leanings. I saw “Plan 9 From Outer Space” and “What Women Want” (To date the most Misandric movie I’ve ever watched). And I’ll also likely buy Maleficent, second hand at some point on DVD because well I just like movies. I buy terrible movies because I need to watch one scene in them for something I’m writing. Every guy has got his collection, for me that collection is DVD’s and Blu-Rays!

So yes I will probably go and see this movie. I can see the hype and trailers and I know enough trailers to realize that they can very easily cause you to form a different opinion about the show. And yes Eve Ensler was consulted for this show. This show is STILL George Millers baby though, and if he’s anything like me he’ll do the best he can to make sure preachiness doesn’t kill the movie. To hell with the marketers and distributors.

What would I suggest? I suggest you wait a week or two before going. Movies are usually released on a Friday, and then the studio people go home for the weekend. They come back in Monday look at the numbers; they also look at the reviews. Word of mouth will travel VERY fast about this movie because the MRA/Red Pill/MGTOW/Anti-Feminist crowd will be watching. If it’s preachy or bad, the audience will see it right away. Then when you’ve heard back from the guys like me that did go to the movie. You can then go in week two knowing that you’re not going to see some Feminist/SJW propaganda disguised as an action flick!

Someone has to go in and look, I’m a film guy so it might as well be me right? Do keep in mind that I watch a movie very differently from the general public though.

The release date for this movie is May 15; I’ll get back to you!

In the meantime I suggest you spend your weekend watching these they’re all very good and all by George Miller

Beyond Thunderdome Mad Max original The Road Warrior


4 thoughts on “I will probably go see Mad Max: Fury Road (Despite the potential Feminist Preaching in it)

  1. The original Mad Max film was essentially a victim’s rights film similar to Death Wish or Dirty Harry. The idea is that the world is filled with gangs of rapists around every corner who evade the normal broken justice system, and therefore a lone “white knight” must save the day and take revenge for the female victim. Hardcore feminists actually don’t like the white knight image because it gives too much power to men. This film will be I believe about a whole sex trade, and Theron’s character will be like a slave who saves herself with Max’s help. Naturally saving herself will involve taking revenge on all the men in the film, probably with some form of castration to counter the big cars/masculine theme. That’s how feminists envision their system working at any rate.

    I probably won’t see the Mad Max film but might have to see Star Wars because of my kids. I think that trailer is interesting because it shows the female Jedi clasping hands with the black storm trooper. I think this is meant to symbolize how feminists see their current plight as the same as what black slaves went through. Stormtroopers are just slaves after all! They apparently have no free will. Sad but true, feminists really think this way.


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