MGTOW is it time for a convention?

This idea came from an exchange I had at this site

What this article is about is pretty simple if you’re MGTOW. Women are starting to notice that we’re leaving and want us back on the plantation! But I encountered something that MGTOW’s usually don’t have to deal with, a white knight.

Killian Doyle

Needless to say, him and I had us an ‘exchange’ of ideas. His points were all the usual talking points that opponents to MGTOW have. Complete with a the usual shaming tactics like they would work on a serious MGTOW.

What this exchange triggered though is an idea or concept that I think needs to be discussed. Is it time for a gathering of MGTOW? MGTOW is starting to get the same kind of attacks that MRA’s were dealing with as little as a year ago. That we’re not doing anything that all we do is go online and whine and cry about women, etc.

The solutions for this are not as forward as they are for MRA’s when it comes to us. For one, there’s a much larger variation in opinions about MGTOW and what it means for each person. And it needs to stay that way too, for me MGTOW was a choice I had made long before I was even aware that the term even existed. Also unlike the MRA’s who by and large are very public about their opinions. MGTOW have (myself included) chosen to keep their identities private. There have been some ideas that have been floated out there. Immortal MGTOW has the idea of a men’s house for instance

Because of the huge range of opinion inside of MGTOW though I’m wondering if a convention would even be feasible? We don’t want our identities public for the most part. And quite frankly what women and the mass media has to say about us? I really couldn’t care less.

So how would this idea work? When I was walking around tonight this idea hit me and if someone has a better idea feel free to also field it.

How about an online convention?

This would keep things in-house for the most part. We wouldn’t have to deal with people in the media like Jeff Sharlet from GQ magazine attempting writing up hit pieces about the convention. Better yet we would also be able to avoid what happened to Sage Gerrard at ICMI where they attempted to pin something on him by orchestrating something. We could have a full range of speakers, and because it was all online people with issues about have their identities public, they could keep them private.

So how would this work? I have no idea I only thought about this tonight.

It would work like this we get the major players in MGTOW, and each of them would then give a speech and also share more information and ideas than they normally would in their videos. Have it over a weekend, possibly even have a physical location in some place if we want to bring them together for an exchange of ideas?

So that’s my idea, how do you think it work? Could it even work at all? I’d love to hear some feedback


6 thoughts on “MGTOW is it time for a convention?

    1. Good point, very good point actually!

      So would some type of get together of any kind work in your mind! I’m really curious about how and/or if this concept would work.


  1. How do you herd housecats? It occurs to me that this is, in fact, what trying to have a MGTOW convention would be like. (Hey, each one of us going his own way and all.)


  2. Based on the initial responses I’d have to say that the answer is no?

    Good points made about MGTOW being too diverse for such a thing to happen. Also, have to note here that, in general, the opinion is that others opinion of us doesn’t matter?

    This is my opinion as well, I will add this though the masses are becoming aware of us and they will start coming at MGTOW at least as fiercely as they have MRA’s. This is because long term MGTOW can quietly do more damage to the system than the MRA, albeit much more slowly.


  3. Aaron

    The grouping of individuals for mutual thought exchange can be very positive. Don’t toss away the idea of a convention simply because of a mental association with a formal gathering of people. Use the internet, we have the technology.

    A multi user voice chat could suffice. Mumble with adequate permissions perhaps. Inexpensive, can be anonymous, encrypted, fast, scaleable.


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