Hi there folks! I’m not even sure if I have any serious followers or fans, but it’s been a couple of weeks since I did a post and MAN has a lot happened in those two weeks!

First of all outside interests have been preventing me from taking the time to post up anything here. This, by the way, has been a good thing for me personally but as a general rule I shouldn’t go two weeks without a post.

Going back to Friday April 17th here. I’m about to log off when I notice a post by Dean Esmay about the Honey Badgers and the Calgary Convention.

Dean Esmay

Wow! That’s all I thought when I read it. A second thought about this was “Shit is going to hit the fan over this one.” I was looking forward to meeting another Honey Badger that wasn’t named Karen, and I did on Sunday! I had other reasons above and beyond just meeting the Honey Badgers for going to the Calgary Expo though.

To the Honey Badgers, I met on Sunday though it was a pleasure to meet some of you for the first time, and I do hope we meet up again. There’s already a lot that’s been said about this, and there are some people on the inside that know a whole bunch more than I can add to this. Other than Calgary Expo has probably opened up a can of worms that may, in the long run, cause Comic cons everywhere to fade into obscurity. This has likely opened up a new front where one hasn’t happened before. Conventions could very well turn into the new battleground, the actual physical place where Gamergaters and MRA’s will be confronting head to head with the AntiGGer’s and Feminists. Long term the damage from this might be beyond repair. I’ve already seen what happened to Atheism because of Atheism+ and what’s also happening in the spec fiction community around pretty much the same sides as well. Given the political and social zeal of the SJW crowd. The hobby I grew up with and has inspired me to not only come up with creative ideas but then begin to develop and write them via my filmmaking career. Has probably peaked and will start to go slowly away. Reason being is this, even after the SJW’s are discredited they will do everything they can to hold on for as long as they can. The fighting will have only just begun.

Which brings me to another personal point about this, I’m a filmmaker myself; I’ve put at least as much time into my career as Allison has hers. The majority of the people I work with and associate with are liberal and so am I. Being an MRA wasn’t an easy choice for me to make. I’ve already had one guy try to dox me when he found out about what I did. I’ve also had a couple of people take runs at me about the place my career is it versus where they think I should be. This is the reason I don’t use my name in this blog. While it’s easy enough to find out who I am via Facebook, at some point in time or another someone is going to put two and two together.

Will I have to deal with something like this as well at some point? That’s what I’m thinking right now. I could’ve, and on occasions think I should’ve just kept my mouth shut. I didn’t though, but I can’t help but feel that myself and other people like me are taking a big risk. As it currently stands, I’m very careful as to what I post up on my facebook timeline, because of potential incidents like this.

On a personal note though, Calgary Convention was a personal success for me. I made some valuable film contacts and associations.

This was not all that has happened in the past two weeks. Let’s talk Brianna Wu now!

Brianna Wu had TheRalph kicked from a panel. This panel happened at RavenCon and Brianna was (And I LOVE this) attempting to give panel called Gamergate101. Not only is Brianna Wu unqualified to be any expert but she completely blew her stack.

Brianna Wu

I’ll admit I haven’t seen the tweet, I don’t have a Twitter account and have no plans to get one anytime soon. The fact that Brianna is so self-absorbed that she felt she needed to check her Twitter feed before the panel doesn’t say a lot about her. The fact that she would do this around the same time that Calgary Con was going on. It only adds weight to the fact that the conventions have begun to turn into battlefields. Fortunately for all Brianna isn’t all that popular even within the SJW community.

BUT WAIT! It gets even better! I now bring your attention to the Denver Comic Con. I mean you cannot beat this. Denver Comic Con went as far as to attempt top ban t-shirts. Not only is this illegal but it might’ve opened up an even larger lawsuit than the one that Calgary Comic Con is potentially facing. But well I think this exchange explains it much better than I can





So Denver relented!

Three incidents in 8 days, that must set some record! I cannot recall a group melting down in a manner like this. I’ve seen people via their addiction go down like this, but not a group of people though.

If you add these three events on top of the fact that Anita Sarkeesian has decided to concentrate her appearances to secure events at private events and universities. What you have here is a series of shots that the SJW’s are not going to recover from. Even if Anita and her boss step in at this point the damage has been done. The folks at the Calgary Convention are at the very least going to have to settle out of court and even doing that won’t save their reputation. RavenCon likely won’t be inviting Brianna Wu back next year I guess, bad publicity will pretty much leave their hands tied. And as for Denver? One webmaster put enough egg on their face that if they do anything stupid at their con. Like ejecting someone for wearing a Honey Badger T-shirt, they’ll have even more egg on their face than they already have.

The Bigger picture here? If there’s a Comic, Gamer or Sci-Fi Convention that isn’t aware of what has happened in the past few days, then it’s to their peril. From this point forward these cons are probably going to turn into the physical battlefields that the internet has been for the last few months. Any convention that attempts to censor opposing opinions from this point forward won’t be able to do so without someone finding out.

I’m not going to go as far as saying that this is the end of AntiGG. What you are going to see is a gradual fading away of the SJW crowd in gaming. It won’t be quiet, and it sure as hell won’t be peaceful but at this point not even their allies in the press are going to be able to save face on this.

There is a Honey Badger Legal Fund I encourage you to help out


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