Fear is a guide not a jailor

Two incidents in the last 48 hours have me thinking out loud here!

First incident happened 2 nights ago on my way home. I live in a very active neighborhood at night. Even at 3 or 4 in the morning there’re still people out walking on the street. For most of my life, including up until recently my time being an MRA or MGTOW.  I walk home at night and there’s a woman or group of women ahead of me I will usually slow down or cross the street so they won’t have too much to fear. This habit had been so ingrained in me that I didn’t even consider it until someone mentioned at a MGTOW site how exhausting and tiring this was for him. He had made a conscious choice to not do that anymore. His feeling was that her fear was her problem not his. This got me thinking and only A few hours later I noticed myself falling into that pattern again myself. Unlike hundreds of times before, this time I was aware of it I chose not to cross the street or slow down.

After all I wasn’t there to cause trouble, certainly wasn’t about to rape anyone and I had as much right to walk home without guilt, suspicion or fear as the next person. As this man had pointed out online just a few hours earlier this was exhausting. So I made the same choice that this man had done. I just kept walking, walked right past them went to the store then went home. I didn’t give a shit about their fear,it wasn’t me that put those women’s fear of me into them.  And unless they started making false accusations which has happened by me simply walking down the street I wasn’t doing that anymore.

So how many of us have done this in the past? Got a question for you, do you see women ANYWHERE in the west giving us men the same consideration? No you don’t do you? What I see is women crossing streets calling cops for no reason and leveling accusations at us. Not saying that there isn’t a reason for them to be concerned .I take precautions at night too, I stay on well lit streets and I’m always aware of who’s around and I always make sure I notice someone paying a little too much attention to me.

What I’m saying is that like a lot of other things when it comes to gender issues, women have been taught that men as a species are nothing more than rapey, lustful beasts. That we should somehow feel guilty because some other asshole with a dick assaulted so and so. I’m not carrying that burden anymore. I’m also going to say that walking down the street at night isn’t a crime. If there’s women that get afraid because I’m around them at night. THEY can leave not me Feminism has smashed that compact and this is yet another consideration that’s gone away.

At the same time though just tonight I got a lesson that sometimes it’s best to not stay around. I was at a deli having a production meeting when my old assistant came in. This woman had flaked out on a film group I run without any kind of explanation. I covered my ass and apologized for any misunderstanding but at the same time I also made it clear that stepping up and then flaking out without explanation wasn’t acceptable behavior. I haven’t seen this woman again until tonight, I was in the middle of a meeting and couldn’t do anything until the meeting was over. I made sure that the group she was with was kept in sight though. Once the meeting was done, I had another meeting which I decided was best conducted at a coffee shop across the street. I left the location as quickly and calmly as I could. That’s not to say that something would’ve happened I felt it was best to not stay at that location by myself. When it comes to this issue where you’re dealing with a woman that pulls something like this for unknown reasons, you get out of harms way. No I don’t know what her issue is and quite frankly I didn’t do anything wrong. White Knights though are notorious for not listening to facts. And I counted three other men with her.

As it turned out I spotted a couple of them sizing me up going past the coffee shop I was in as they were leaving the deli. Don’t know what they were told but I feel my leaving when I was a smart thing to do.

So you see in both of these cases the underlying emotion was fear. The first being her fear of me, which I dismissed and kept walking, ignoring her as I did. The second was a fear of an unknown woman with an unknown situation and no way of knowing what the men with her might do. Not to mention the fact that had they White Knighted me I was going to defend my integrity and honor. There would’ve been no saving face in any real manner though. Even calling the police on her would’ve been risky. No just because you’re able to handle multiple attackers, and I have. Doesn’t mean you grab your balls, put them a wheelbarrow and go Rambo on someone. You have no idea what will happen in a situation like that.

I acknowledged that fear was there. I knew each situation required a different response. But if there’s one thing above all else that I’m grateful of at this moment, it’s that I’m MGTOW.



2 thoughts on “Fear is a guide not a jailor

  1. jason king

    I have these types of mental thoughts every time i go out. Im constantly worried about how i may be offensive or threatening to people and that guides my thrufare in all my travels its self hate bred into me from fear driven femenazisim .


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