The MRM and MGTOW have to become Permanent Fixtures in The Culture

Less than 24 hours ago I posted up a blog called “The Five Worst Hit Pieces I’ve Read About the MRM.”

In this piece, I spoke about the lies and dishonesty that Feminists were using now. I didn’t bring in anything from Gamergate because it didn’t apply to the blog I was doing at the moment. But on April 1st there was a blog done by Letitia Verdirosi that easily would’ve qualified as the worst single hit piece that I’ve seen aimed at Gamergate.

Now she got owned in the comments, and the article was so bad that very few if any feminists and as far as I could see NO Social Justice Warriors dared even to defend her. If you go to news and websites, you already know that there’s rarely a chance where Feminists and Social Justice Warriors won’t crawl out from the rocks to take shots at people like us.

Now you would think that someone getting owned like this in the comments would make someone a little smarter right? WRONG she went right out and did the same thing again less than a week later.

Lesson clearly NOT learned, not only was the lesson not learned but just like last time she’s being owned in the comments section and is, of course, doing a piss-poor job of defending herself.

So what does this apply to the issue of the MRM and MGTOW? Read on brave people.

Also in the process of doing the blog yesterday I stumbled into this gem while doing research!

This article goes into how restaurants in Edmonton are hives of Sexism, Patriarchy, and Misogyny and that a database needed to be started to keep track of it. The only problem is this; the people being reported against have no way of knowing, no way of defending themselves and like that very flawed system at Occidental college that got mass reported last year. You’re pretty much guilty by merit of being reported. Any woman for any reason that gets fired can go to the link, pretty much say whatever they want and leave it there. I’m not sure if it gets passed on to the employer or not but well you can see the faults.

What this also is and might turn into if you read some of the comments about the article is that feminists in other cities are also thinking of running with this idea.

That though isn’t the main point. The main point is that this article somehow managed to slip past the MRA’s online and more to the point it got past the MRA’s here in Edmonton. Edmonton has a serious MRM presence Girl Writes What, Nick Redding, and Fidelbogen all call Edmonton home as do I. Not only did nobody here notice this article, nobody in the Greater Men’s Movement either MRA or MGTOW caught this article. Had I not done some digging I would’ve missed it too.

This gets me to my point, and this point is this! The people we’re facing off against they live in an echo chamber, they are oblivious to facts and logic. Letitia should’ve clearly seen and read from the first article. Not only did she not get it, she went ahead and posted up another article that was as bad if not worse than the one before. It’s pretty obvious that this person is clearly beyond being reasoned, bargained, or have things explained to her in a logical way and expect her to get it. And she’s far from the only one that falls into this category.

The second story though, the one about restaurant reporting? It damn near slipped past everyone and likely would’ve turned and may still turn into a larger issue. Everyone missed it the people we’re dealing with are fanatics, they won’t stop ever. The MRM is going to eventually and currently is rolling back the Misandry on almost every front at the moment, and sooner or later a balance or the new deal is going to be achieved.

The thing is though that once we all go home there will still be a core of women that hate men that will still be there. They will go back to the colleges, the workplaces, the media and will continue to try and push ‘women’s empowerment’ albeit in a different form.

Therefore the structures that MRA’s and MGTOW’s are building need to remain in place. Yes, there will be a switch to monitoring and watching the dangerous fanatics and make sure that they don’t once again gain power. And I also suspect that there will still be men needing to go their own way a century from now. MGTOW needs to be there as a viable option for men from now on.

Remember who it is we’re currently dealing with here. They will try to sneak things past you, or will simply come back at a later time when everyone else sitting the decision-making positions has changed.

That is why the MRM and MGTOW need to be permanent.


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