The Five Worst Hit Pieces I’ve Read About the MRM

Everybody has it, well almost everyone.

You know a list of favorites or worst that you occasionally tell someone else! Well, I have my personal list in this matter and while you may not agree with it, keep in mind everyone’s list is going to be a little different.

Two of these Five have been replaced by new ones because these articles were removed or taken down because they were called out. There was one by Arthur Goldwag that got published online almost immediately after the convention in Detroit. What happened in this article? Well, I can’t remember but what I do remember is that he took the content of the speakers out of context, which might’ve worked 25 YEARS AGO. But, What happened, this time, was that Dean Esmay simply posted up the entirety of the speakers at the article and that was that. No further comments and the posting has vanished into the ether! But if anybody can find the article I’d love to see it again.

But without any further hype here are my top 5 worst hit pieces written about the Men’s Right Movement.

#5- It happened to me: I went on a date with an MRA, And He Assaulted Me When I Wouldn’t Have Sex With Him

By:(SURPRISE!) Anonymous June 26, 2014

Five Worst #5

What’s very curious about this post was the TIMING! This article came out mere days before the First International Men’s Convention in Detroit. There were a couple of other oddly timed pieces that came out around that same time. Including a ‘coincidental’ piece on the Daily Show where Jessica Moore, which talked about Campus Rape. The odd thing about this story is that not only does it play on typical Feminist stereotypes about the Men’s Movement in General.  It also has more than a few catch phrases that clearly suggest that it was probably, but not 100% likely that it was written intentionally as a hit piece. The one that stands out most being, there has been ZERO follow up on this story by anyone. Nor to my knowledge has the MRA had his name mentioned at any point. In short just an accusation, lots of emotion with no facts or citation to back it up.

Hands up if anyone has seen this before!….Anybody?

#4- I infiltrated a Men’s Rights Group

By: Kane Daniel October 7,2014

Five Worst #4

This story got published in a few locations. The word from people that were there is that Kane stayed at most 15-30 minutes didn’t participate in any real fashion and quickly left. So if you call that infiltration then I ‘infiltrate’ every time I go over and read articles at their site. In fact, you people reading this here article are clearly infiltrating my mind and need to stop at once!

This is yet another one of those timing articles. Had this piece come out even three weeks earlier it would’ve been blown off as just another hack piece. Laughed off like most articles by VICE are by the Greater Men’s Movement, and we would’ve moved on. But this wasn’t the case though because you see this was the first article of any kind that came out after Emma Watson did her He for She speech at the UN!

Note the date on this photo

Five Worst Emma Watson

The dates are less than Two weeks apart! Ironically this article, in particular, managed to wipe out any good will that Emma Watson’s speech had generated. And let me make no mistake there were a few, not many, but a few men in the MRM that were willing to listen. This article pretty much killed that good will! Another example of how Feminism manages to defeat itself. So hell yeah great fucking job there Kane I’m sure you feel satisfied with what you did. But let me make this clear you will find out one day about how your article killed so much more than any damage you did.

#3- 5 Uncomfortable Truths Behind The Mens Rights Movement 

By: J.F. Sargent June 3,2014

Five Worst #3

How do I sum this article up? Oh yeah, if you’re going to write an article on the Men’s Rights Movement you maybe should talk to say…A MEN’S RIGHTS ACTIVIST? You wouldn’t do something on Feminism without speaking to a Feminist, would you? You write what you know, or you talk or interview someone that’s in the movement to get the facts. Michael Kimmel is about as much an MRA as I am an Astronaut. He’s the guy that Feminists trot out when they want a man to comment on Men’s Issues. But don’t want an actual MRA to do it because, well then they would have to accept ownership of their actions if they did.

And what the hell was it bringing in a former white supremacist? Well, that’s pretty easy to answer when you stop and think about it for a moment. What the author of this article was hoping was that by extension you would associate racist style hate with men’s issues. The actual content of the article was that we’re some cult that preys on the weak and gullible. I don’t consider myself weak and gullible by a longshot we do attract men that are looking for help and support. Many of them find it inside the MRM. That doesn’t address the question as to why, who and how these men are being created. Of course, though, this article also never admits that feminism and women, in general, are a large part of the problem.

#2- Sparsely attended ‘men’s rights’ soiree arrives at the source of their problems. Hint: It’s Women

By Tom Boggioni (TBogg) June 29,2014

Five Worst #2

What can you possibly say about an article that has a picture of a woman kicking a man off a hill?

That’s just a start this article makes no attempt to fact check, the author projects, makes broad, unsubstantiated comments, engages in Ad Hominem, etc. There are so many things wrong with this article that they’re too numerous to mention. In retrospect, I have a suspicion that this story may have been posted simply to get clicks, which it did.

What ALSO happened in this article was at the time it was first put on the web RAW Story didn’t have Disqus in it’s comments section. The editors of this story did everything they could to block out comments that were critical of the story. And let me tell you there were ALOT of them for obvious reasons. The editor in the comments section banned SCORES of people commenting on the article, including yours truly. Even with this happening, there was still so much criticism getting through that the attempt to control the narrative on the comments section failed. The site had to close comments early and the article well it’s been pretty much forgotten. Which it would’ve been except that I resurrected it and gave it more clicks! Damn I shouldn’t have done that so sorry!

The vile in this article speaks for itself, thing is though it’s not the WORST article I’ve come across!

Before we go to #1 lets bring up a couple of dishonorable mentions!

Are You Man Enough for the Men’s Rights Movement?

I’ve already commented on this article! And it did almost make the top 5 but cases of timing for me on #5 and #4 I thought made them more relevant than the GQ article

Dealing with Edmonton’s Misogyny problem

This one I have a personal experience with. I went up and down Saskatchewan drive which is close to where I live in an attempt to find this stencil. Didn’t find it and as I was told later it’s very likely that the author or someone close to the author did this and tried to blame Mens Rights Edmonton for it. Oddly enough at the time she had this as her cover photo.

Five Worst Marcelle Kosman

Also she had photos of herself removed, but now they’re back.

And now for #1 and this one is a beauty!

#1- ‘Man Down’: How Vladmir Putin Embodies the Worst of The Men’s Right Movement

By Katie Gonzalez July 28,2014

Five Worst #1

HOW BAD! Was this article? Well first of all it actually refers to article #3 on this list as a reference! And that’s just the beggining, she also references Elliot Rodger a guy that was never an MRA at any point TWICE as a reference. But alot of this ahem…’article’ compare the actions of Vladmir Putin to MRA’s. Vladmir Putin was never an MRA.

But wait it gets even better! The article was so bad that not even other feminists, a group that will practically jump at any and every opportunity to slam men publicly, THEY didn’t even comment. This article is so pathetically stupid that a couple of the commenters wondered out loud if this was a parody piece. I recently ran into an article where the woman said this happened therefore all gamergaters are rapists. When she was questioned she actually admitted that she was serious. I can’t really say whether Katie was serious or whether she was joking. Oddly enough her Facebook link is very hard to find now.

So there you have it my five worst feel free to agree or disagree


I found Arthur Goldwags hit piece on ICMI in 2014. I tried to find this article back when I originally wrote this blog back in 2015. Luckily for me it appeared in my Facebook memories feed all by itself (Thanks Facebook) I was originally going to include this article when I wrote this but couldn’t find it.

What was really bad about this article, other than the fact that you can’t comment on it. (Rare that Huffington disallows comments) Was that the whole speakers platform for that convention is available on YouTube! Yet another example of how Feminists and White Knights rely on, you not fact checking


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