To the White Knights out there

I’ve been running into you for a while now. In fact once upon a time I used to be one of you. I was raised by women that gave me the impression that everything was somehow either my fault or the fault of men. The fact that it was also the women in my family that stepped in and saved my ass 30 years ago at the bottom of my addiction issues created a feeling of loyalty to them.

There was just one thing though, even at my very worst something about what they said didn’t quite sound right. I couldn’t put my finger on what that was, but I was a quiet supporter of feminism for the better part of my life. And yes if anything ever went wrong with women around me or towards me I blamed myself. After all, it’s not very humble to accept responsibility for my actions. I noticed something else though it happened about a decade ago. These same women that kept telling me to own my actions didn’t own any of the actions that they did!

You think I don’t understand you I do! There’s only a couple of reasons that you would so gleefully defend someone that hates you. Oh, but you say that Feminists don’t hate you well consider this.

Seraphim 1

Seraphim 2

Seraphim 3

Seraphim 4

This is an example of what you’ve been defending.

Let me guess the Feminists you know are not like this right? They never, ever say anything like this in front of or around you. Next time you’re with them, look more closely, see that group of women over there? You know the ones I’m talking about, they never talk to you, and when you talk to them you get terse one word or short responses? There’s always a touch of anger or annoyance when they have to speak to you? You know that weird feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you look at them face to face, like they hate you?

That’s not a misreading on your part; they do hate you there Mr White Knight!

At very best you’re a useful tool for them, you say and do the things for them so in a lot of cases they don’t have to. They don’t like you; they don’t respect you.  And quite frankly because you’re probably also some weak assed simp they and likely most of the other women around them dislike you to some degree or another. That’s what you are to them some tool that once used up will be tossed away on the scrap heap like a used dishrag. Got one question for you here though. Has it ever occurred to you that NONE of the other women in the group ever call them out? I mean you may if you got by yourself with one of the others actually get them to admit that this woman or that woman has really bad views. But have you EVER seen one of these friends of yours call them out on it?

You say you’ve never seen it or heard it? Well, I’m going to refer to my family again. Way back in the 1990’s I had and still have this step-dad. This guy was constantly speaking down to me, all the time, every time. I had become so used to it that I didn’t even notice it anymore because this tone was the norm for him and me. And it would’ve stayed that way too had someone one day pointed out what he was doing. A couple of years later when I had to spend a lot of time around him again, I was watching for it. Sure enough there it was all the time every time. Needless to say, things got heated pretty quickly between us. But after he got the message that speaking to me like that wasn’t acceptable he stopped. This is what you need to be doing start listening to what they’re saying. I mean really listen to them all of them, you may not have noticed it before but once you see it or hear it’ll be unmistakable. Also look at some of the others, you’ll start noticing that some of the other women that are not part of that group? Some of the ones that don’t belong to that group do have the same opinions as “that group” They just hide it better. Not all of them of course, but enough of them that you may want to reconsider a thing or two about them.

But you know I’ve kind of gone off course here! What is your reason for supporting a group that hates you like this? My experience tells me that it falls under one of two categories. Either you’re trying to rescue/punish someone for your past through these people. Or you’re doing this in an attempt to please and win the approval of some woman with some kind of reward at the end.

If you’re in the former, I have a brother just like that! Had he been born a little later in time I could quite easily see him being the literal feminist white knight from every MRA’s nightmare. Luckily for me and the rest of us his rescuing went off in another direction. But I can at least respect you for doing what you believe is right. Trust me I know all about abusive asshole male relatives, virtually all of the men in my family when I was growing up fell into this category. Your dad/uncle/step-dad/older brother whoever it was an abusive asshole. He did some awful things to you and quite likely also did these things to your mother and/or sister. They got emotional around you, probably for good reason. As the boy on the scene, you naturally felt the need and desire to protect these women. That feeling is quite natural I had it too, and my brother did too. I suspect that you even had a good reason to feel this way.

But there’s no easy way to say this but it needs to be said. Those men were not me nor were they likely any other man that’s an MRA or MGTOW today. You’re punishing the wrong person; you may even be rescuing the wrong person too. It’s hard to explain this to a blue piller, and you may not be ready for this but you need to start asking some hard questions. Because you’re punishing the very people that are doing what they can to help you and assisting the people that hate you.


If you’re doing this to get the approval of another woman, I do feel sorry for you! I don’t mean that in the pat on the head kind of way either. It’s more like a disapproving nodding of the head what a fucking idiot kind of sorry.

Again I get it I did many stupid things in my life to gain female approval. I thought that’s what I should be, so that’s what I was. I was there in the room when the women around me were crying, whining and screaming about how men did this or that to them. I swore I wasn’t going to be that kind of guy, and I wasn’t. All I got for my consideration was a lot of heartbreak. When I think back to that period in my life now, I facepalm myself. I was MGTOW before I was even aware that the term existed. Not sure when I decided to be that way but I’m much happier now than I ever was before.

But getting back you though! How much time have you wasted on women with nothing to show for it? How much money have you wasted with nothing to show for it? Thousands? Welcome to the club! Have you been “friends” with this same woman for years and gotten nothing from her? WHY are you still doing this? Somewhere in the back of your mind you’re aware that’s there’re lots of other women out there right? Seriously do you like being a simp? You must because you’re clearly willing to give away your balls and your power for it. I mean fuck dude has she even acknowledged you at all, and even if by some incredible chance you did get to sleep with her was it even worth it?

Please tell me you didn’t marry this woman you poor fool!

You know what you are you’re a SIMP, you’re a MANGINA. If those words make you mad good, because they’re true! What kind of an idiot rushes in to defend a woman without even attempting to ask any questions first? I’ll tell you what kind of person does this, a fucking idiot.

You don’t deserve me candy coating this for you. If that’s you I described above! WALK THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER NOW! Why do you need this woman’s approval so badly? Have you even asked yourself why? Please tell me you do not depend on her for something. You think she respects you? That she loves you? A woman that loves you doesn’t go around banging every inconsiderate neck tattooed asshole. A woman that loves you doesn’t hook back up with a drug addicted suicidal ex every six months and leave you at best with sloppy seconds, assuming you’re even getting that.

Why are you trying so hard? Because you love her? She doesn’t love you? Yeah, buddy let that sink in for a moment, she DOES NOT love you. At best you’re a useful emotional sponge. I would encourage you to start asking questions to the people around you if you think you might be this guy. There’s a support system in place for people you. It’s called MGTOW some of the people there have got some issues, but you can and will understand that you don’t need to live with her approval. It’s not that difficult, and you will get your respect back. Which is something that you don’t have at the moment.

Now if you’re doing this to win the approval of a female family member. You also need to start asking some tough questions. Like why is her approval so important to you? Who are you trying to punish? Or are you trying to rescue? Because I can tell you that it’s not me, I didn’t do those things to you or any member of your family. Nor did any other MRA or MGTOW I know. You need to deal with the person that did this to you if they’re still alive. If they’re dead, you need to get some counsel from a person that’s not a family member  But that feeling needs to dealt with in a way that’s not hurting other men just because. You were born an individual with your own destiny. You are not here to be the tool for your mother or sister to deal with her male issues. This is ultimately what I had to do I had to become my own person.

But let me make this CLEAR to you! If you’ve read this and I found out you’ve read this and are still White Knighting you will get no respect from me. You cannot say you were not told after this.

One last thing the people you’re fighting so hard for, you know the feminists? Their ship is going down, they’re not listening and a good number of them hate you just because you’re male. They don’t deserve your support and if you choose to stand by them as their ship goes down after this. Well gee sorry I gave you the red pill you can’t say you weren’t warned.

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