Two years ago, we’ve come a long way

I began writing this blog two days ago! I stopped for a day or so because I got doxxed for the first time. In comparison to some of the other people that have been doxxed this one was simply a google check on my name and the company that I ran. No direct hacking involved, but it did feel violating. I had been aware because of what had been happening to the people supporting Gamergate to not put up personal information like phone numbers, addresses, current employers, etc. The people on the other side have done all sorts of nasty, despicable, things done to Gamergate supporters. This didn’t stop the person that doxxed me from twisting the information there to get me more than a little angry.

Having processed this anger and also having had the misfortune of having some guy follow me around my Facebook profile. This guy had followed me around for two days before I blocked him. I realized I couldn’t allow a person like this to intimidate me into leaving. Frankly I’m counting my luck that I don’t have a Twitter account.

But I’m getting off topic here ironically this isn’t what I wanted this blog to be about, What I wanted to do was talk about was Donglegate. Yes, folks we passed the two-year anniversary of that event a couple of days ago! Hard to believe that it was two years ago, it’s also amazing what has happened to the Greater Men’s Movement since then.

If you don’t remember I’ll summarize it for you. Two years ago at Pycon there was this woman her name was Adria Richards. She overheard a couple of guys telling jokes behind her. They weren’t talking to her directly she overheard the conversation. Being the politically correct SJW Feminist, she was she took this picture and tweeted it


At no time did she directly speak to them. Nor did she try to do so at a later time. One of the guys got fired over this tweet, yet another male victim of a random female accusation. But this time though it didn’t end there, there was a major backlash against Adria and her boss Sendgrid. Sendgrid did something that hadn’t occurred before Adria Richards got fired!


It was a shockwave that I suspect that people will be talking about years from now. One blogger I read about compared this to the time that Mike Tyson got knocked out for the first time.

March 21, 2013 the day that Feminists started losing. Roosh sums it up perfectly. Mike Tyson in the late 80’s was a wrecking machine. Evander Holyfield was on the map, but they wouldn’t meet for another seven years. Mike Tyson was on a mission to unify all the heavyweight titles. He had a tune up fight against an unknown boxer named Buster Douglas. Buster an unknown won a fight he was supposed to lose. When I read about the fight the next day, I had to go get a different newspaper and ask then someone else just to find out for sure that it was true. Adria Richards getting fired was also in this category. Up until that day, Feminists had been getting beat online frequently but up until that point hadn’t taken a public hit. That changed on that day, suddenly for the first time Men everywhere had an actual example that their work was paying off.

Consider this video at 47 seconds we see Rocky Balboa bravely attacking with no effect. At 3:12 you see the metaphor I’m trying to present. This was the moment we got the first shot in that had an effect.

Now consider this ever since this firing what has happened to the MRM, MGTOW, PUA and all of the assorted men’s groups out there.

*Friends of Protection for Men that largest men’s group on Facebook was around 3,000 members at this time. Currently, it sits at 17,057 at the time of this writing. Men’s Rights Movement that was about half the size of the first group is now at this point at 15,820. There are also more than a dozen other groups in 4 figures. All of which are firmly entrenched

*As fast the MRM groups have grown MGTOW has also taken off as well. There likely wasn’t a single MGTOW group over 1000 members a couple of years ago. The largest group now is at 5440 I guess a Ten-fold increase in size over the last two years.

*Mens Rights Subreddit passed 100,000 subscribers back in November as far as I know AVfM as unpopular as it is in some circles has continued to go in a general upwards direction.

*Back in June 2014 AVfM had its first convention in spite of both bomb and death threats it went ahead and was reasonably successful. It’s not known yet how the one in Houston Texas will go this year. The very fact that it was able to go ahead in the first place is a huge win.

*Although I didn’t have time to check all the stats regarding divorce, child custody, alimony and other court-based issues. The trend in these cases has begun to slide towards a more balanced approach. Still a long ways to go here, but there has been swinging in men’s favor in all these areas.

*There are now a few, not many but a few major publications that have started publishing articles that discuss men’s issues and men’s rights in a non-disparaging way. TIME Magazine, has come out with more than a couple of articles in this regard.

*Here’s a surprising stat Return of Kings is the biggest hit rate for a men’s site even more than Good Men Project or A Voice for Men

I find it a little disappointing that the official mangina site on the internet is still getting more hits than A Voice for Men. That disappointment is blunted though when I saw the stats for Return of Kings. Granted I don’t always agree with what Roosh has to say. But well, as long as his site is getting more hits than the Good Men Project, I can live with that.

In general all the issues that the Men’s Rights Movement are pushing are slowly but steadily moving in their direction. But as great a success the MRM has been in the last two years. It has nothing on the growth of MGTOW. Once considered an extension of the MRM it’s now a movement in its own right. A movement that also cannot be beaten easily either. Unless you take a gun to these men’s heads and force them back, they’re likely gone from the pool. That group incidentally also includes me, I do consider myself an MRA first, MGTOW though is a very serious and solid second. MGTOW could even succeed where the MRM won’t mostly because like I’ve said before. Feminists attacking MGTOW would be like punching a cloud.

But let’s not forget the single biggest wins of all, Gamergate and Metalgate! I need to point out that these are two separate issues. Gamergate was started because of corruption in video game journalism, which finally hit a trigger point over Zoey Quinn. It quickly became Social Justice Warriors vs. Gamergate, and when Anita Sarkeesian injected herself into the fray it turned into a drawn out battle. While there have been losses on both sides, most of the wins have been for Gamergate. The truth has a way of winning out and not to mention that as much financial clout and media muscle the SJW’s have. This hasn’t in any way translated into any win for them. In fact back in January Anita was finally hit with a serious loss. It’s not a coincidence that they’ve been quiet for a while now.

Metalgate, on the other hand? The Metalheads saw the Social Justice Warriors coming, and they rounded their wagons and handed them a resounding loss. Let me be frank about this stop. I think with Metalgate and the slow, gradual winning of Gamergate you’re seeing the advancement of Social Justice Warriors coming to an end.

You also need to keep in mind the day to day level here. For instance, I used to always see the “Never hit a woman” poster on Facebook. These posts were almost always followed up by a long series of comments by women openly bashing men. I haven’t seen a poster like this on my feed for almost a year now. Granted I have a lot of MRA’s and MGTOW on my friends list. Still though being a filmmaker, liberal (More like center/left) and artist, I have more than a few friends in the SJW category. The last couple of times a pic like this came up on my feed, not only was it called. But also any woman dumb enough to start bashing men found herself having to justify why she said what she said!

What I’m saying here is that on a day to day level the man bashing appears to be in a rather steep decline on social media. This is mostly because anytime a woman starts to do this, be it on Facebook or a news story website, that woman gets dogpiled by MRA’s and allies. The same goes for stories at news sites that slam men or specifically attack MRA’s or MGTOW. When these stories appear, the cavalry will usually come riding into the comments section and challenge anyone dumb enough to post in the comments (Feminist, SJW or White Knight)

If I’m going to tag one specific win to the MRM it’s this. Feminists cannot openly attack, slam or shame men in most mediums now without getting called on it in one form or another. This hasn’t stopped them from trying you need only the two Superbowl ads “Throw like a Girl” and T-Mobile commercial that created a firestorm when Sarah Silverman said “Sorry it’s a boy.” It will be very interesting to see what kinds of ads the Super Bowl runs next year. In short they cannot be openly Misandric anymore and get away with it.

THEN we have the list of losses that Feminism has had in the last two years. I’d like to say that this list is comprehensive and complete, but there have been so many losses and mistakes that I simply cannot recall all of them. But here’s a few that I do remember



20/20 news failure to air the manosphere hit piece

The outright failure of he for she

The recent Nightline debacle

UVA rape scandal

Ray Rice debacle and the drawing in of Hope Solo into the fray

The failure to stop the Men’s Convention in Detroit last year

An ever increasing pile of Title IX lawsuits

Ban Bossy another failure

Attempts by Feminists to make White Knighting a good thing failed. There was also an attempt to manipulate the language to make Mangina a disrespectful word to be used also failed.

Street Harassment Video completely backfires.

The attempts by Feminists to paint Elliot Rodger as an MRA, There was also a lesser attempt to do this with John Koopenhaver (aka War Machine) which also failed to go anywhere

The gradual slow decline of the numbers of White Knights online.

The number of celebrities coming out as not feminist.

The loss of feminism’s monopoly on the domestic abuse discussion.

The failure of Atheism+ and Free Thought Blogs.

The complete and total inability or will of feminism to do anything about the rampant misandry within their ranks.

I won’t even get into the scores of failed articles and blogs that all got shot down online over the last couple of years. There have been so many of these I’ve actually got a list I’ll be doing a blog on this issue that’ll list my five worst hit pieces. In ever increasing numbers people are starting to ask questions about the Feminists that should’ve been asked 20 years ago.

The one real major thing I’ve noticed about Feminists now is they’re on the defensive far more often now than they were two years ago. Quick show of hands here who HASN’T been told or read the dictionary definition of feminism at least once in the last six months.

I would even venture to speculate that Feminism has done more damage to itself than anything the Men’s Movement has inflicted on it. Yes, we’ve made sure that these mistakes cannot be shoved under the rug, but the Feminists? They’ve mostly done this to themselves. While Feminists are the main human opponent to the Greater Mens Movement. The single biggest issue is still apathy and ignorance about the issues.

To borrow a line directly from Feminists “We’ve come a long way baby”.  We still have a long ways to go though and Feminism has got a long ways to fall.

On this, the second anniversary of the Adria Richards firing consider how far we have come though. Because there has been a lot of ground covered.

Oh and just in case you’re thinking that Adria Richards got the message and learned the lesson. THIS is pinned down right at the top of her Twitter feed

Adria Richards


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