Just one guy guessing out loud here

No tarot cards or crystal balls were used in this article. Just me projecting out on a path and guessing what’s most likely to happen based on personal knowledge and experience.

I’m not an expert; I’m not a psychic. What I am though is a person looking at the issues and based on what I think or believe is the most likely action taking a guess. So what I’m posting here isn’t a guarantee, in fact in some cases I would love to be wrong. I was going to write this at the start of the year, but I needed to find my nerve to do it. Not to mention the fact that some of the events I was going to project on happened before I could write this. But well this is me guessing out loud here let’s start with the ones that occurred before I could write this.

Metalgate will go nowhere!

Yes, people the Social Justice Warriors will get stopped dead in their tracks here! This is what happened when this group infiltrated Atheism they came in under a false banner and caught more than a few of us off guard. By the time there was an organized response Atheism+ was firmly ensconced. With gamers, you had a group of males that didn’t have enough direct experience with women, both good and bad. It  made them easy to manipulate and exploit. Metalheads though saw this happen and unlike the two previous groups did have more experience with women. Granted the Social Justice Warriors played the race card here. But Metalheads were prepared when they arrived. The results here was a crushing defeat for them, and this movement was DOA. Two massive thumbs up for the Metalheads

Anita Sarkeesian steps out of the tower

This one wasn’t a stretch either. In order for her side to win they had to engage Gamergate directly. The only change was in the time of this happening. Anita got corporate support early in the new year emboldened by this financial windfall they blithely walked out and promptly got crushed like bugs. I didn’t expect this to happen as early as it did, and this move sped up their downfall because now they’ll have to move more carefully.

Which gets me to the first actual projection.

The next move by anti-GamerGate will also fail

I guess that this will happen in late spring or early summer. It will be one of two things, either it will be a Brianna Wu like death threat event followed up by another media blitz. Or it will be a Sam Biddle style media blitz. You’ll get some hired guns to post up a narrative on sites that make it appear as though GamerGate is losing or bad, or possibly a combination of the two. Either way these people are not very smart and it’ll be spotted and defeated. I’m projecting a slow, gradual fading away of Anita Sarkeesian as the months progress. Gamergate having also tactically achieved it’s goals will also fade away but not disappear over time. Like Atheism though the damage is done. Gamergate will win because of sheer tenacity and better support, that said you will still be running into Social Justice Warriors for years to come.

An Increase in the number, but not the quality, of hit pieces directed at the MRM

Buoyed by the financial influx that Anita Sarkeesian got, some people got brave. They came out swinging earlier than I expected them to. What I did expect was that these hit pieces would have ever increasing flimsy premises. The article by Think Progress used a study of only a few dozen college-age males to suggest that 1/3 of all males in the US were rapists. The GQ article a couple of weeks ago also fell apart with just a little bit of fact checking. If you thought these two were bad just wait, as the next few months progress you’ll see articles even flimsier than these two being published. These articles will though bring in a new kind of feminist into the fray

The rise of the Anti-MRA Feminist

You will see as the year goes along the rise of a very loud, angry group of Anti-MRA Feminists. You will begin to notice that there will be the same group of women showing up at every hit piece to attack the MRM. In fact, I just ran into such a person at a recent Huffington Post Article. At the same time, you’ll also see this.

The parallel rise of the bargaining feminist.

On an almost parallel track is this group. They’re more adroit, alert and aware than the rank and file feminists that will figure out that the Men’s Rights Movement isn’t going away and that they need to start a dialog with them. Having hit the third stage of grief over the losses they’ve experienced they will start trying to make peace. Just remember the quote about Greeks bearing gifts when you deal with them. There’s just one issue though when it comes to this.

Feminism starts calling on allies

With failing support within their ranks and support from allies also starting to fade. I suspect that we’ll start seeing more articles by Feminists demanding more support from men.These articles did start to come out in the middle of last year. You’ll see more of them, more frequently as the months move on.

The official arrival of MGTOW as an independent movement.

MGTOW has officially arrived and is now a separate movement from the MRM. There is a lot of overlap between the two movements though. And you’ll start seeing Feminists actively taking runs at MGTOW. Attacking MGTOW is like trying to punch a cloud, mostly because feminist approval and opinion are meaningless to most MGTOW. Like the MRM, there will be personalities more interested in building up personal followings in this movement and expect to see more than a few shots sent by MGTOW to the MRM. There is simply too much overlap for there to be an out and out fight between the two groups.

The Politicizing of the larger men’s movement.

As men’s issues start to get more attention, people with political power or ambition will begin to bring up the issue. I suspect that this will likely come from the right. As we get closer to the US presidential election in 2016 if it’s a close race Men’s Rights might even become a national issue

A growing change in trends

On issues like Child Custody, Divorce, Reproductive Rights, Domestic Violence, Paternity Fraud and Sentencing you will start to a very slow gradual slide towards a more balanced approach. I suspect that this will be more because there are simply more people aware of the issues, not because of some moral outrage. What you may see later this year or early next year is biased judges getting heat put on them. You’ll also see this happening in Social Work, Psychology, Education and the Workplace. There will be more articles about women having the book get thrown at them later this year.

MANY more false allegations will be exposed

You think UVA was an aberration? Prosecutors and Crown Attorneys will start asking for and demanding more proof when it comes to rape. Simply because knowledge of the issues will start to permeate the courts. Each one of these will make more people in the legal system aware of the situation. Don’t be at all surprised to see stories about serial false accusers going to jail more often. Including potentially a serial false accuser or two getting the book thrown at them.

Title IX Lawsuits the cows come home

Some university, somewhere in this country will be dumb enough to think that they can fight an article IX lawsuit and win. They’ll end up losing, if this happens a couple of times then the feminist domination on campus will start to roll back. Not because of moral outrage though, but because universities can’t keep running if they’re getting hit by these expensive outcomes against them.

Increasing numbers of public people coming out as not feminist

You’ll also see more coming out in support of feminism as well, but as Feminist legitimacy starts to falter you’ll start seeing people either publicly or privately leave or distance themselves from Feminism. This will lead to the next part of this issue

Some public person will get attacked by Feminists and still stand

I’m not talking MRA’s or MGTOW here. I’m talking about a public person that will just say enough is enough. Attacks will simply not work in bringing this person down. I suspect that this will happen late this year or early next year.

For the first time, a Feminist Figure will get into serious trouble

There’s already one prominent feminist figure that’s hanging on by a thread (Lena Dunham). As more attention focused on what they’re doing and saying one of them will slip up in a way that will get them in trouble not just with Men but with other Feminists as well. While this won’t be the trigger event that launches the Greater Men’s Movement, it will though signal a very clear sign that Feminism as it currently stands is in serious trouble. Especially if Feminists do what they usually do and rally around the person.

Houston we have a problem!

The men’s convention in Houston will have issues. It won’t stop the convention or force it to move, but there will be resistance, and it will be a lot louder and more forceful than it was last year in Detroit. In fact, there’s even a small chance that the trigger event will happen here. The conference will go ahead, and it will be more successful than Detroit

“Well I’m eating crow on this one the event got cancelled, this changed a couple of other things but let it not be said that I didn’t admit I was off about this.” 

An organized Anti MRM men’s movement

We saw this a few weeks ago in New Jersey! This whole idea will take flight this year. How long it lasts though? Who knows?

Fewer but more dangerous White Knights

It takes a particular mindset to remain impervious to logic and facts. White Knights will begin to be a subject of scorn and derision. So in order to stay one you have to remain willfully ignorant of events. The net result is that the pipeline pumping endless numbers of White Knights into society will start to run out. As these men drop out, they’re not being replaced. The ones that remain though are more dangerous I’ll even go so far and say that a trigger event is just as likely to happen because of the actions of White Knights as they are from a Feminist.

Active talk about Female conscription

Not only this but other previously thought untouchable female privileges will be open for discussion as well. This will happen because

A spreading out and division inside Feminist Ranks

Up until mid-2014 Feminism only had one opponent to deal with, Now they have three MRM, MGTOW and Gamergate will simply by their existence, force feminists to divide up to deal with them. MGTOW will especially be under increased attack as the year progresses. You will also see two camps start to form within Feminist ranks. The ones that want to talk and the ones that want to stop the greater men’s movement. I’m projecting here possibly even as early as this spring you will start first hearing rumors and then start to see open fighting inside feminism over this issue.

Feminism in trouble

It will be clear to all but the most delusional that Feminism as it currently exists will be trouble by the end of 2015. Decreased influence in almost every area, the increasing and undeniable loss of support in all areas will be noticeable. Divisions and infighting will be rampant as well.The National Organization of Women may have to enter the fray this year as the divisions get larger just for damage control. NOW will then also have to deal with Men’s Rights directly. In dealing with the MRM, directly they give the MRM legitimacy. This legitimacy will then increase the gap between the two camps. NOW will be in a catch-22. While this won’t cause the trigger event, it will in essence load and cock the gun.

The moment the National Organization of Women and other large Liberal Feminist Groups have to step in this signals a change. But only a temporary one though.

So yes, these are my projections, all of them are educated guesses at best. No I don’t have proof that any of these will happen. What I will say though is this, at the very worst the MRM, MGTOW and the greater men’s movement  (Promise Keepers, Sterling Institute, Power Production Corp etc) will be a lot larger than they are this moment. It has already passed the point of being stopped at this time. And if you’d like to know what a trigger event is just read this link.


Just for the record the 4 event happens in 2016 or ear;y 2017


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