A response to Natasha Devon

Natasha Devon posted an article at The Telegraph just a couple of hours ago I suspect that I was among the first people to read. I decided to write an informal response to what she said. My opinion on this piece is that Natasha appears to be one of the few feminists that’s starting to grasp the that the MRM and MGTOW are not going away and they’ll have to start dealing with us like people. I also thought that there was some shaming language used as well. There appears to be this trend starting with a few feminists that attacking the MRM isn’t going to work anymore. So I decided to post a response it’s down below. I’m personally only speaking for myself here but well I needed to say this

Natasha Devon

You want to talk to you do you. Well here’s a few things you need to do first!

1) This one is absolute and not negotiable you MUST begin to take the man haters and the women in your ranks and hold their feet to the fire PUBLICLY! If you don’t do this then as far as I’m concerned, you’re wearing the same uniform, flying the same flag, standing in the same place and shouting the same damn slogans. And in all honesty, I’m sick and tired of distinguishing between them, and the “I’m not that kind of Feminist” Feminist. Yes, you are that kind of feminist because you refuse to do anything about this, that’s why!

2) Stop trying to hide behind the dictionary version of Feminism when you explain or try to explain it to us. Nobody in the MRM is going to buy that line and constantly repeating that is just making you look like world class idiots!

3) Stop disrupting or trying to disrupt men’s events and organizations. I just left seeing comments on a page from a hit piece written by GQ where Jeff Sharlet engaged in rampant dishonesty. Also that he possibly sent a woman in to create a false story about sexual harassment among other things is just plain evil. This event among several incidents in the past few months that make me personally not give a damn about your opinion.

4) For the love of f***ing God Elliot Rodger WASN’T an MRA. Stop trying to pin the MRA label on every idiot that goes out and does something idiotic to women. But if you insist on calling Elliot Rodger an MRA then I’m perfectly within my rights to label Aileen Wournos, a Feminist.

5) Stop opposing the MRM when they do go out and take action, and yes we are doing something! You can quit with the line that we’re just whining and complaining ANYTIME now,

Remember who it is you’re dealing with here. We’ve been lied to, threatened, laughed at, censored, blacklisted, screamed at had people endlessly try to shame us and we still here and growing exponentially. You want to work with us do you? Well, take a hard look in the mirror and get your house in order before asking us to please go away. And quite frankly I don’t give a damn if you think pushing for our rights means your issues don’t matter. It’s pretty clear from what I’ve seen that ours don’t matter to you. Expecting us to start caring without any kind or reciprocation on your part is the height of hypocrisy.

Now I realize that I didn’t cover everything and that I can’t and don’t speak for every other MRA out there. If you go back into my blogs, you’ll notice I wrote something called As the Desperation Level Increases. In that blog, I wrote that as MRA and MGTOW gain momentum. Feminists start to wake up to the fact that this isn’t going away, and they’ll have to address the issue. That there will be a slow gradual waking up that’ll happen on one side while there will also be a great group that will likely resort to violence on the other.

Which side wins out doesn’t concern me all I’m going to add to this particular article is that you’re going to see more things like this come out over the next few months. I have gotten tired of just listening to talk from their side. Unless I see some real actions taken by Feminists to get their house in order, then I’m not interested in sitting down at the table and listening to them. Each one of us has to make that choice for themselves about which point are they willing to hear what they have to say. But this one article doesn’t get me there yet by a long shot. The question is out there for all of us to consider. Just remember who we’re dealing with here they won’t and shouldn’t be allowed to TALK their way back into my good books anymore.

 Here’s the link if you want a read. Interesting take on the issue and I did hear her not going to move just yet, though.



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