Jonathan McIntosh and Propaganda

Been meaning to do something about this guy for a while. Some of this will seem obvious, please remember though that just because you and I know it, it doesn’t mean that everyone else knows it.

So we are all aware who this guy is Jonathan McIntosh is in my opinion the #2 person in Anti GG and despite appearances he’s probably the brains behind the whole thing. It’s easy to think this guy is dumber than bricks after all just look at some of the gems he has posted. And keep in mind that this was with just a quick check if you start looking you’ll find more, a whole lot more

Bzmh_29CcAEYycoCapture-It's not censorship

This man contradicts himself constantly, he usually just says things and hopes that you don’t fact check, which, of course, doesn’t last long. When it comes to Jonathan McIntosh, you pretty much have to go there right away. I’ve had the luxury of sitting on the sidelines watching this guy for months, and I went through a series of opinions about him.

First he was just an idiot and dumber than a sack of hammers. It would be VERY easy for anyone to come up with that conclusion. His choice to keep on doing this despite the fact that he usually gets slaughtered when he does is pretty much the epitome of dangerously insanely stupid. But yet he keeps on doing it despite the hits he takes. It would be extremely easy to go there especially with a tag named after you #fullmcintosh. You also need to keep in mind that Anita Sarkeesian probably wouldn’t have kept or worked with someone who was this stupid. Anita is out for Anita! This whole video games crusade for her is simply about lining her pockets. If the money and attention stop rolling in from this, she would drop it in a second. Given her record I would think if McIntosh was really that stupid that she would’ve let him go. She hasn’t enough said?

Stupid though doesn’t quite sum it up properly for him, I mean even the thickest person will eventually get the hint right? Wrong if they’re delusional then they wouldn’t get it at all this I think might be at least partially true. Jonathan McIntosh doesn’t see what he’s doing as wrong. He really seriously believes that this is an issue, among other things. Given his background it would easy to believe this. You see I too am a Liberal granted I’m a whole lot closer to the center left as opposed to rock solid left Liberal then as opposed to now. But I did have to put up with more than my fair share of lies coming from the right. Global Warming is real for one thing. Call me crazy but I think people should be able be able to live from just one job. The medical establishment was in dire need of being fixed, and as for Iraq well Saddam Hussien had nothing to with 9/11. I’m not even going to get into the epic level of stupidity I saw from creationists and creationist science. Thing is though that my personal ethos in large part to Noam Chomsky and few other authors I’ve read is that you never just buy a line from someone just because they said it. That also applies to me, by the way. Jonathan McIntosh also saw and read these lies as well. Unlike most of the rest of us though he’s concluded that if they can do it I can do it as well. His motivation for doing this is I’m using the same thing they’re doing. Only problem is that there’s this quote I remember hearing when I was very wrong goes like this

Two wrongs does not equal a right.

Delusional may explain part of what he’s doing but again if you look at what he’s done and said it only at best partially explains what he’s doing. So he’s not crazy in the padded room in a psych ward kind of insane, but madness can have a goal, and he clearly does have that going for him. But for the record Noam Chomsky only appears to be coming from the left most of the time because his specialty besides linguistics is being very critical of the corporate media establishment. Not agreeing with him doesn’t make you a conservative. As you can see, Jonathan disagrees though.

Capture-Noam Chomsky

So now we get to the meat of what I think he is about, What got me to post up something about him was when I saw a screen capture from Jonathans Blog Rebelliouspixels. He announced himself as a propagandist there but, if you go there now you will see that part of his about description has been removed. If anyone has a copy of the actual page, I’d like to see it.

This makes much more sense than anything else I can think of to describe Jonathans actions and behavior. Let’s take a look at the dictionary version of what propaganda is


1. information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

2. the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc.

3. the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.

4.Roman Catholic Church.

  1. a committee of cardinals, established in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV, having supervision over foreign missions and the training of priests for these missions.
  2. a school (College of Propaganda) established by Pope Urban VIII for the education of priests for foreign missions.

5. Archaic. an organization or movement for the spreading of propaganda

Now if there’s a description that fits what he’s doing this has to be it! No big surprise to anyone familiar with how propaganda works (Thank You Noam Chomsky!). It’s a form of communication that’s designed to promote a view of the world and also harm the organization or people that you’re fighting against. It relies very heavily on the people that are hearing it not hear, fact check or otherwise have a means of questioning the person saying it. Propaganda explains thoroughly why Jonathan and Anita so willfully and eagerly engage in censorship but will do everything in their power to not have it not labeled that way.
Capture-It's not censorship
I think a good nickname for Jonathan would be Jonathan “Don’t check my facts” McIntosh because his whole narrative depends on people not doing that. He keeps saying and posting up statements based on emotion with little or no facts to back them up. He then (Along with Anita) does everything he can to block out any opposing discussion because that would effectively counter what they’re trying to do. In effect Jonathan is quite the opposite of being stupid; he’s attempting to build a group together in order to achieve a goal, a goal that he truly believes is an issue. The fact that he’s willfully using lies and half truths to get there? Well, the conservatives have been doing it via FOX News for years. Therefore, he has every right to employ the same strategy back on them. I’m speculating here that he wants a following to get there, and when the deal with Intel went into effect it appeared that he might actually get there. As you saw though this backfired on them and was dead because Anita had to leave the echo chamber to do it.
In effect he’s not the dumb one the people that are reading the Anti Gamergate propaganda are. And well if they really believe that Jonathan actually seriously cares about them they’re very much mistaken.
Curiously enough the fact that Jonathan may have removed that propagandist tag from his site after it was found also hints that he’s also aware that he’s doing it on purpose. It would also indicate that the Facebook group I found that picture in has a couple of moles in it.
It’s been suggested in a few places that Jonathan is actually the brains behind Anita. This really shouldn’t be any surprise anymore. Jonathan as smart as he would like to think he is isn’t very charismatic and simply doesn’t have the presence to carry a room something that Anita has in spades, a partnership of convenience if ever there was one.
Capture-In Control
The motives for them being together are different Anita is in this for Anita but she’s can’t or won’t get into the nuts and bolts of making the SJW movement work. Jonathan is the real brains behind the scene, he’s the one calling the shots and planning the events. But they’re in this for themselves not to promote the Social Justice Warrior narrative. Consider this if Anita were to somehow step back or leave the Social Justice Movement who would take her place? Brianna Wu? You have got to be kidding me! Jonathan well he’s smart but doesn’t have the charisma to carry it by himself. Now beyond those three is there anyone else? Anyone?……
Still having a hard time answering that one well here’s a thought for you. The reason why this is the case is because if they turn their side into something more closely resembling what Gamergate is, they wouldn’t be able to control the narrative anymore. Their revenue stream would dry up so they must be the ones calling the shots. The people that are their followers must simply follow with no intention of ever practicing independent thought like sheeple. Only problem with that is much the same one that Feminists are currently facing with the Mens Rights Movement. They cannot control enough of the narrative to win in the long term. Gamergate has already achieved a lot of a actual goals, in doing that they’ve already pretty much won. Getting caught up in what Jonathan has been attempting to do is more like a Red Herring. As I in a previous blog controlling public opinion doesn’t mean crap if the crowd you’re appealing to is already set against you. I’d have about as much chance of swaying a group of Fundamentaist Christians that the world is much older than it is even though the majority of people in the world agree with me in regards to Creationism.
So if you look at the what he says as propaganda, and mentally stamp a propaganda logo on whatever he posts up from now on you might be saving yourself a whole lot of anger. He really doesn’t care about Gaming he cares about Jonathan and he’s quite willing to demonize an entire group of people simply to line his pockets. This is what’s really maddening about what they’re doing a group of people that were never the most adroit and capable of dealing with women in the first place are now being preyed upon and used to feed someone else’s ego.
We got bullied and shamed enough and now it’s happening all over again except now it’s all out in the public. How is it that some people forget what it felt like to be bullied?

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