Two new things Femitheist Divine and GQ Magazine

Hi there been away for a few days, life happens.

In case you haven’t already noticed a couple of interesting articles came out in the last few days, one by a feminist (Or rather ‘former’ feminist) that came out with an article in favor of the MRM.

The other one from an attendee at the Men’s Conference in Detroit that wrote yet another bad hit piece 8 months after the actual conference itself.

I’m going to start with the first one!


This post was a very surprising post but not as much as it could’ve been because among other things Femtheist had come out in support of Gamergate 4 months earlier. Proving that she is capable of at the very least looking like she’s capable of critical thinking. This article was well written, researched and a very intelligent and informed read. Especially coming from someone like her why did I say someone like her because well have a look at these two articles

You need to always keep these things in mind whenever you read anything posted up from her. I’m impressed with the research and thought she put into this article this was a bit of a switch up for her and I will certainly be paying more attention to what she says in the future. You know what else I’ll also be doing with her though? I will also be paying attention to what she DOES! Feminists, not Femitheist in particular but Feminists have been doing their level best to hide behind words lately. More specifically the dictionary and the definition you find of Feminism inside it. They’ve been doing their level best to get you to not notice what they do. Thing is this I’ve listened to I don’t know how many people SAY that they’ll do this or that but will as soon as everyone has their eyes turned will go ahead and do something else or not do it at all. In fact in my drug using days I was guilty of this action on more than a few occasions. Politicians are also notorious for saying something then not doing it.

Also being an Atheist I can tell you that there are more than few of them that can quote from the Bible all the time. That doesn’t mean they believe a word that’s written in there. We can speculate on The Femitheists motives for writing this article one of the ones that crossed my brain is that she may be simply getting to know the Mens Right Movement issues in an attempt to defeat this. There’s also the possibility that she may also have been challenged on some of her previous posts enough that she’s begun to start asking questions.

My conclusion of what she wrote is this! Damn good piece and it did cause me to change my opinion of her, but not so much that I haven’t forgotten what she’s said and done before. She’s earned the benefit of the doubt with me, but by no means am I about to go and give her a big hug and welcome her to the family. She hasn’t earned that from me by a long shot. We do need to watch what she does and says over the next few months and see what she does. Especially when she thinks we’re not looking.

Second Event The GQ article

In case you haven’t seen it yet GQ Magazine finally came out with the article on the conference in Detroit

I left a comment on the article which you can read yourself. It was pretty clear almost from the start that this was a hit piece pure and simple. It started with a picture of an MRA that I’ve never heard of, or run into at any point in the last few months.


You need only look at this pic to see where this article was going. Jeff Sharlett tried to play the now debunked Elliot Rodger card as soon as he could. If he had done even a shred of research he would’ve known that Elliot never was an MRA but well let’s not have real facts get in the way of a story right?

He then without a shred of proof tries to suggest that Doubletree told the conference to leave when anyone that knows the story knows that this isn’t what happened. Then he goes into a paragraph of mocking men for some issues that they have.

Now I wasn’t at the convention but I do know that there was a guy there from GQ and he did more than a few interviews and if all he could do was get two quotes and need 8 months to get this piece written up it means he had to probably had to do a lot of cherry picking to get there.

If this was literally the best he could come up with then the MRM really has nothing to fear. For one thing, Jeff Sharlet will not be given anywhere near the same access in Houston than he did in Detroit. If articles like this had been able to take down the MRM they would’ve done so years ago. Yes, Paul Elam should’ve been a little more careful but he and everyone else had no idea that GQ would be this duplicitous.

For me well I’m at this moment pretty committed to being an MRA and MGTOW unless you’re actually planning on shooting me I have absolutely no intention of quitting. I think I can say that the main speakers at the convention in Detroit have the same or greater level of dedication. Which means that this article is a joke and outside the echo chamber that Feminists and Social Justice Warriors live in this article has little effect on the big picture. Nobody inside the MRM has left or quit over this article.

If you’re going to put on an article Jeff you might want to do one that can stand up to more than a couple of minutes of fact checking.


6 thoughts on “Two new things Femitheist Divine and GQ Magazine

  1. EZ M

    You’re an idiot if you even consider giving this sick bitch a chance.
    AWALT, first of all.
    Secondly, she’s a (genocidal) nutjob who faked her own suicide for attention.
    Third, she’s a feminist. She’s simply using diversion to try to soften men up to attack.

    The GQ piece was terrible as well, as in, PURELY blue pill. Nothing ‘interesting’ about it. Just an excuse to make MRA/MGTOW guys sound ‘creepy’ and ‘rapey’.

    Seriously, what is this shit? Whatever it is, it’s not red pill.


    1. Sorry what part about not trusting her DIDN’T sink in with her. All I said was that her article was a start but there was no way I was going to welcome her into the ranks here in fact let me post that statement up for you to read

      “My conclusion of what she wrote is this! Damn good piece and it did cause me to change my opinion of her, but not so much that I haven’t forgotten what she’s said and done before. She’s earned the benefit of the doubt with me, but by no means am I about to go and give her a big hug and welcome her to the family. She hasn’t earned that from me by a long shot. ”

      That SOUND like I’m welcoming her with open arms to you? No dude I haven’t let my guard down around her. You do what you like. I do suggest that you READ the whole article next time before you post up.

      And also last time I checked Red Pill means going your own way and developing your own thinking, not dropping one dogma and taking up another.


  2. cj dunnigan
    1. That’s all well and good CJ. That doesn’t discount some of the other stuff I’ve seen from her.

      Also, There’s more than a number of Atheists that are more familiar with the Bible than most Christians. That doesn’t mean that they believe anything in the Bible for a cold second.

      You have a point, I’ll also point out though that if you go up and read other comments I have a guy giving an earful for even considering giving her a chance.

      So no at very best she’ll never be considered anything other than an unreliable ally (If I’d even go that far) Her record works against her for good reason.


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