As the Desperation level rises

I had a friend of mine in the film industry post up a link that only stayed up very temporarily, but it involved right wing denial of science issues. Unfortunately, it was taken down before I could screen capture it but this friend of mine equated this anti-science stance in the same vein and anti-feminism!

Of course though getting your facts from places with long track records like the Uniform Crime Report done in concert with the (FBI) for instance. This place has got a very vested interest in making sure their sources are accurate getting data from 78,000 different sources (A shout out and thanks to Terrance Popp for that gem) we also use stats from either the Ministry of Labour or Department of Labour when dealing with the wage gap myth.

Although I haven’t actually encountered anything else in regards to MRA’s using bogus stats I suspect that if a pro-feminist, progressive male like the guy I just mentioned would post up something like this that it’s likely been making the rounds.

We all know here what this is if this is yet their latest in an almost endless series of attempts to debunk the case that MRA’s have been pushing with great effect for the last few years. This attempt though is pretty much predicated on people not actually checking facts or simply having to keep track of your sources when you make a claim. Any MRA that’s been engaged online for more than a couple of months knows damn well that you keep those sources close at hand because we all have been called to “Provide sources” on more than one occasion. Having come from the Atheist community I’ve got more than a little experience with this tactic. They then sometimes will ask for more sources, then more until you either tell them to stop stalling or you run out of sources whereupon they immediately try to claim you have no case to begin with.

What stands out about this is that the opposition has now been pretty much reduced to going the equivalent of Full McIntosh and simply saying things and hope people don’t fact check. Which, of course, any veteran MRA will do, or someone in the circle will do the moment any claim comes out

Over the last few months there’s been a noticeable upturn in the number of feminist articles that have been written in publications that don’t allow comments or the web page in question will not allow comments on that particular article. This is straight out of the Anita Sarkeesian playbook but as we just saw a couple of weeks ago taking this track has very limited impact. Like what happened with this Huffington Post article

I am actually going to be doing a post in a few days speculating on what direction this movement and Feminism will be going. But one of those points that I’ll be bringing up is that as 2015 goes on you’re going to likely see increased calls for men to either fight against Men’s Right Activists

Capture Ravishly

or what you’re going to see is more calls for men to support feminism

Capture More men

While I will freely admit that nothing beyond my own speculation going on here, one of the things that hints that an organization is in trouble is that there are increased calls for aid from outside to help bolster faltering internal support. Both of these articles have appeared in the last couple of months. He for she is also a very recent thing having only started last fall. Again this is all simple and pure speculation on my part but these requests have been noticeably on the upswing in the last few months.

What’s also been happening is that the ideologues in the feminist movement have been having a harder and harder time justifying their stances. You need to consider that for a person to maintain a position based on willful ignorance that a person needs to maintain a mindset that either ignores or chooses to not check facts being shown them. Keeping yourself in that state of mind is almost like an addiction. You’re causing damage either intentionally or by accident, you’re also constantly being challenged as to why and how you maintain that stance in the face of an increased pressure to confront the truth of your situation. With addicts, unless they happen to be psychopaths this can and will play on their mind both emotionally and mentally. You’re lying or being deceitful possibly both and you’re being shown evidence that you are. So perhaps it’s no surprise that things like this are starting to happen.

Capture Feminist Writers

This article in question portrays women as the victims of a constant and an endless barrage on their noble endeavors and that they’re the victims. Truth is, the facts are starting to pile up against some of them and it’s starting to play on their consciences.

Where we’re at though now is this. They’ve almost run out of cards to play there have been so many different ways that feminists and their allies have used to either silence, shame, intimidate, ridicule, deflect or hide this that haven’t worked that they’re not at the point of literally saying that evidence is an outright lie. Which, of course, fails to hold up to only a minute or two of fact checking.

This is both good and bad and I’ll explain both running the risk of repeating myself while I do it

The good is this! Whether they want to admit or not they’re almost out of cards to play, they’re running out of support both internally and externally. The Men’s Rights Movement, MGTOW, and Gamergate have done considerable damage to them. I speculate that it could be as early as this summer, maybe even sooner that The National Organization of Women will have to start doing something. When this occurs it will likely change the discussion. They will probably have to start listening because the moderates within the Feminist movement will start demanding it.

The bad is really bad though! We’ve been dealing with angry, misandric and soon to be desperate people that will have seen their position slip to the point where all their goodies for the first time in decades might actually be going away. Angry desperate people do crazy things. We’ve already witnessed various forms of threats, intimidation, blockades, legal hurdles uncounted amounts of censorship be it direct or indirect in the form of ignoring issues. Someone can and will likely resort to out and out violence. Not just threats but willful and intentional violence. There’s a better than average chance that someone will get seriously hurt or killed in the next few months.

This is what Bill Moyer calls a stage 4 trigger event

After this, it’s really only a matter of time before things change. If history is any gauge on this though it’ll still be years before all the major issues have been addressed.


9 thoughts on “As the Desperation level rises

  1. I’ve seen both modern MRA’s and Feminists make an elaborate victim narrative. This evil group is persecuting me even without knowing it! Plenty of time, replace ‘women’ or ‘men’ with ‘Jew’ and you might get sued by the authors of Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    I still think we need feminism. I still see misogyny around me. It’s mostly a social thing though. It’s not the system, but The People.

    What we need to do is get rid of an elaborate victim narratives, like how everything Straight White Males do is because they’re straight, white and male or how women only marry you for your money. The problem isn’t that there aren’t women’s issues, but either they’re not addressed (Women in Islam? No mention of that) or they’re addressed in an overblown fashion.

    A lot of MRA’s seem to just be really bad at dating. I haven’t been convinced misandry is as common as misogyny. Misogyny is tossed by people casually. Misandry is rarer, but also more obvious.

    The attacks on Anita are so senseless. I understand a lot of gamers, and people, do not read a lot and have issues comprehanding critique. It doesn’t make her criticisms less valid. I’m yet to see a citique of her that provides arguement instead of “Look how ridiculous she is!”.


    1. Seriously you haven’t seem any critique of Anita? Well look here you go
      Anita busted

      Anita lying about being a gamer fan

      You can officially stop being in denial about this now


      1. I wrote a post regarding Thunderf00t’s video. He has no idea how to actually critique media.

        Anita ‘not being a gamer’ is not how you write off her arguments. As a person who advocates for science, Thunderf00t should be above that.


      2. Wow, I don’t know man looks like he did a pretty decent job to me. Everything he said there stands up. And what exactly do you call someone that says they’ve been a fan of games since they were a kid and then says what she said in that second video

        That would be called LYING! She got caught doing it and then has the nerve to actually pass herself as an expert. Not to mention that she did screen captures from Youtube and tried to pass those off as her own. And since you seem to believe you’re so smart here, exactly HOW LONG is she overdue on her next video in that series now?

        Yes, Thunderf00t is indeed right about this! In the first video she even intentionally drags the body around for effect.


      3. You really cannot do that because in her case how she’s conducted herself IS the argument. It’s not OK to resort to lies and twist and bend facts demonizing a group of people simply to line her pocket and stroke your ego. Attempting to Red Herring me into actually getting into a discussion about the topics she raised isn’t the point because she brought those points up not because she actually cares but because well Anita. It has always been about her and if you want to believe otherwise well OK.

        Are there sexist pricks in the industry yes! Is it the massive epidemic that Anita has been trying to say it is absolutely not.

        Being overdue on videos well where did all that money go then because I could’ve sworn it went into the actual production of you know…The series! If someone in the film industry was overdue like this they would’ve been fired a LONG time ago.

        This IS about Anita because Anita wants it to be about her, if you seriously believe that Anita actually cares about this issue maybe you should do some digging into her past like when she was doing some endorsements for a PUA.


      4. Maybe you can’t write of Sarkesian’s arguments because she lied about being a gamer, but you *can* write off any unsupported claims of fact that she makes. As arguments must rest on facts, this makes her positions problematic.


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