Anita Sarkeesian makes her big mistake

Damn fire alarm woke me up, and I can’t get back to sleep! I was going to post this up tonight or tomorrow but well since I’m up now so I might as well do this right now.

For those of you not familiar with this story since it’s well over a month old now.


On January 14th, Anita Sarkeesian made an appearance on ABC News show Nightline. This piece was supposed to be the beginning of the end of Gamergate.

Anita had only a few days earlier received a massive amount of financial support from Intel. It was more than enough to start a serious campaign to wipe Gamergate off the map. So assured were they that their victory was at hand that Brianna Wu went on her Twitter feed and for all intents and purposes declared the fight over and that they had already won. If anyone screen saved that tweet, I’d like to see it and share it again.

Possibly also emboldened by the fact that Anita was sounding the war trumpets a few other places; Buzzfeed (twice); Mother Jones; Daily Telegraph and Huffington Post. All lined up to take runs at the Men’s Rights Movement or Individuals in the movement. These hit pieces were soundly trashed in the comments sections.There were also more than a few people in the Gamergate crowd that were throwing in the towel before these articles and Anita’s Nightline story had even come out. There was just one problem with this though!

Someone forgot to tell the people in Gamergate that they were supposed to surrender without a fight!

A few did surrender most didn’t. They geared up and got ready for an online fight that may in my opinion may have struck the blow that might eventually cause the Anti Gamergate movement to eventually bleed out.

So with the advantage of armchair generals everywhere let’s take a look at what happened and why Gamergate won this round in a huge and spectacular way.

First of all there was Anita Sarkeesian herself narcissistic as they come. She simply had to be the center of attention so like a good narcissist would she openly announced at least a week ahead of time that she appeared on Nightline. Even going so far as to announce the date of the appearance! That was incredibly kind of her to do that and well expected; it’s also a major tactical blunder.

I have a brother in law that’s like this as well; he uses intimidation to get people to do things his way. I figured out about him had to take a stand with him and what some people around him were doing a decade ago. I never had to worry about being taken by surprise by him because he just loved driving his super large old school Humvee everywhere. So if I showed up at a place and saw it, I knew he was there and was ready to deal with him when I got there. Or I would see him coming from a mile away and be set and ready to deal with either him or his stooges by the time he arrived. He made it easy because he always announced his presence long before he or I arrived. He had to be the center of attention. Doing this only works if your opposition is already intimidated. If they’re not though then you arrive with a prepared and ready opponent, you cannot surprise the person thus a direct fight is going to be very costly.

Anita Sarkeesian did EXACTLY this! So by the time of the actual broadcast, even in the previews at the ABC News Nightline page people were ready for her. I’d even venture there were people warming up their fingers getting ready to post up the moment this posted up on YouTube.

Story got run that was badly presented piece that got torn to shreds. But this blog isn’t about that. That part though added to the defeat though. What I want to draw you attention to is this…Anitas big mistake

What I would like you to do is look at the numbers in the lower right. But if you can’t read them this is the vote total

Dislikes 45,497

Likes 1,329

That’s a ratio of 34:1 against her! And this ratio has been going up not down since the broadcast. How bad is it? Karen Straughns comment has more likes than the video itself. Karen Straughn

Her post currently 3,414 Likes! That’s double the likes that the Nightline episode has at this moment.

Not only that but Nightline also got caught censoring and has continued to censor comments on this page They got caught and called on this. Naturally I took the time and liberty of reporting this censorship to project censored. I have no idea if they asked or did anything but they are aware of the censorship taking place because I’ve been reporting it them on a regular basis.

But this is just the beginning ABC News also got their asses handed to them on their news site as well

It’s also noted that unlike the Colbert Report appearance and Anita’s actual channel Feminist Frequency this time comments were allowed! Thus not only was she downvoted into defeat, her detractors also owned the comments section despite the censoring!

Most importantly though Gamergate got Anita to squawk and play the victim. Anita Sqawks I cannot ever recall her ever doing this before! She didn’t openly admit she lost, but this is pretty much an admission of defeat.

But here’s the kicker though! The number of down votes cannot be sock puppeted in not unless this “small group of misogynists” each had 30-300 sock puppet accounts each. Yes, several people did suggest that though which was why I needed to point that out. I also have to point out that there was nothing stopping Anti Gamergate from doing this as well to inflate her support.

This support NEVER HAPPENED though this part of the story is where the conclusions can get drawn. Those conclusions are this;

In order for Anti Gamergate to win they have to leave the Ivory Tower that Anita has erected, she did this with the Nightline story and got her ass handed to her big time. Which means that in spite of their financial backing they likely have no real facts? Not only that but it appears that despite the large war chest. Complete access to the mainstream media to tell her story and (for now) official general public support they don’t have a leg to stand on. Not only that but the number of supporters that Anita has isn’t anywhere near as large as people had hoped it would be.

Also the financial support from Intel is likely there because Anita promised results for them that likely included taking Gamergate down or reducing their impact to where they were no longer commercially viable. Thus enabling the SJW agenda free reign where Intel could then march in and cash in. Therefore Anita MUST come out of the Tower again whether she wants to or not and sooner rather than later. Thing is though she’s got money but she doesn’t have facts nor does she have anywhere near the popular support she thought she had. I’m pretty damn sure that Anita and her circle are also very aware of this.

So what can you expect next? She will have to rely on hired guns and also maintain a strategy that keeps her safe from having to face direct criticism My speculation is that the next move will likely be something like what we saw Sam Biddle try last fall. There will be sock puppets set up everywhere that will attempt to artificially inflate her support and naturally of course the attacks on the main Gamergate people will also get nastier not that it’s not already that way. Once they perceive that there’s a mass of public support then they’ll come out into the open again and try the same tactics that they tried in January.

Here’s where you come in though, sock puppet accounts will likely be very easy to spot, call them out as sock puppet accounts when you find them. Check their profiles don’t be shocked if they’re very new accounts. Also make sure that the key Gamergate people continue to get support I’m speculating on this but I suspect there will be much more viscous hacker attacks on them as the year progresses.

Expect some kind of media stunt at some point this spring as well. They did this with Brianna Wu last fall and it’s a tactic that’s worked so expect another one this is going to be a setup for the next media blitz. Unlike the one in January this next one will likely be a little more subtle and planned out the key here is to NOT buy into the hype beforehand.

You need to be like Evander Holyfield before his first fight with Mike Tyson. You DO have the numbers, you do have the truth and you also have the vast majority of the brains as well. Evander Holyfield in that first fight against against Mike Tyson DIDN’T fall or believe the hype neither should you.

And of course because Anita Saskeesian is simply so narcissistic she’ll likely announce her move before she makes it, so we can be ready. I suspect that if and when they make this move it’ll be the death of Anti Gamergate not us.

Remember we won this battle! Nothing they say can change this this is FAR from over though wait watch and be ready.

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