13 Things you can do to move mens issues forward

13 Things you can do on a daily basis to promote men’s rights and issues

There are more than a few of you that are new to this whole Men’s Rights Movement. There are also some of you on here that have been active for a while but have been reacting with no clear path or direction. Currently, where the Men’s Rights Movement as a whole requires us to engage in what amounts to trench battles. That means it’s little fights and social reactions on a day to day level are where the issues are being discussed. There are also website articles be they pro MRM or Hit pieces that come out on a regular basis that give us a chance to practice. What I hope this is is a guide on how to promote and spread the message at that level.

It’s in no particular order, and you can, of course, choose to apply some/all or none of these at all they are merely suggestions. They are though all actions that you as a person can do individually. Some require a little research and others are more externally based than internally based, it’s not a one size fits all thing here. So may you gain some benefit from doing any of these. You need to keep in mind that men’s rights are likely an issue that’s going to drag on for years here. The aim is to make as many of these issues a habit and not something you need to consider. And yes some of you have already done or are actively practicing these, Please keep in mind that not every man in this movement is at the same level as you are.

      1. Become OK with being Male

        OK, this may sound kind of redundant to a lot of you but it does need to be said. If you’re a man, boy and haven’t done anything misogynist or sexist and don’t consider yourself to be sexist. Then you haven’t done anything wrong having guilt laid on you by Feminists/White Knights or anyone else isn’t a reason to feel guilty anymore. Yes, it was true that at one time that women were not allowed to vote 90 PLUS YEARS AGO. That’s not a reason to be guilty now. Nor is it your fault that some guy committed a horrible act of depravity or murder, and the only thing you have in common with that man is that you both had a penis.

      2. Let people know that you’re MRA/MGTOW but find your level of comfort with it

        You’re an MRA or MGTOW the sooner you reveal that to the people around you the better off you’ll be. They will find out eventually. You can choose to be loud and vocal or remain internal about it and reveal it as you go along. Your best friends and support group need to know. They’re your most receptive audience

      3. When you see or witness acts of Misandry call it out!

        Remember that commercial where that girl was given a rape whistle as a gift? (I believe that was in Canada, but it may have been in the US as well). Or how about that poster on the Dallas Transit system? Call this stuff out make phone calls, send e-mails but complain make it uncomfortable for people to post things like this. Let the greater MRA community know as well. One complaint from an individual can be ignored getting swamped or deluged with calls will make people stand up and listen. The same for articles in the press or online.

      4. Female approval?….Don’t need it

        Yes, you don’t need it, don’t want it, and you will do what you need to do to make your life sane and manageable. If you lose female friends or approval because of your stand well just remember that such a person is likely very unreliable in the long run

      5. Get to know the issues

        Me personally I come from the Atheist camp into the MRA (Atheism+ and Free Thought Blogs long story). So issues like Fathers Rights, Paternity Fraud don’t apply to me directly. I have at least got a working knowledge of these matters. Same thing with MGTOW here they’re alongside the MRM but some of them are not even remotely MRA at all. You will get challenged on issues that are not your area of expertise. So knowing the issue will keep you sharp

      6. White Knights/Manginas if they act like it call them on it

        One of the greatest assets that the feminists currently have in their arsenal is that they have a ready-made crop of men that are willing to bring the fight to us. Manginas are not much of an issue because well a guy with no backbone. White Knights, on the other hand, can be as deadly and insulting as the most ignorant drunken redneck. The aim here is quite simple it cannot be acceptable male practice to have men act this way. They act this way call them on it. There has been an attempt by some feminists to control the language dialog on this issue to prevent it. My take on this is simple though if it looks like a mangina, walks like a mangina, talks like a mangina then it is one. The aim here is simple it’s not acceptable to be a mindless idiot and that’s what these men are, for the most part.

      7. It’s not one person against an army its one person acting individually for a cause

        Yes, the opposition is much larger than us. They have almost total unfettered access to the mainstream media which allows them to keep saying their lies almost unchallenged. There are small cracks starting to emerge, but there is a long ways to go here. It may seem like an overwhelming task trying to take on such a large opponent. Keep in mind that this monolith consists of individuals just like we are. You see yourself acting as one person looking to contribute and spreading the message. Then the fights are one on one which is something you can manage. Each one of us acting this way can add up to a lot

      8. Look for willing ears that will listen

        A man going through a nasty divorce, a guy facing a false accusation of rape or sexual harassment. A man with serious custody issues. A man just frustrated and angry about the culture and the way it now treats men or just a guy in a screwed up relationship. That man and his immediate core of friends/family/associates will be a lot more willing to listen to you than those rabid screamers we call white knights online or in person. Let them know they have options that they may not have been aware of, you may even be saving a life

      9. You do not tolerate Misandry in your personal space!

        Ever it happens around with friends and associates you need to let them know. This relates to #3 but it also needs to be personal and not just externally focused. It’s your space not thiers and respect for self is just as important as the bigger pictures.

      10. Get a working knowledge of the Feminist issues

        But why do you ask? Having a knowledge of mens issues is one thing knowing the mindset of feminists and specifically radical feminists will enable you to hold your ground because as you’ve seen. This group is clearly not above lying or making threats to get thier way. And yes if you’re involved long enough you will be challenged, shamed, threatend sooner or later

      11. Code of the Road

        I call it the Code of the Road from an old biker (A former Hells Angel too I think) that when he got clean and sober his only version of a higher power was “The Code of the Road” it went like this. If you saw a biker on the side of the road you helped the guy PERIOD! This applied even if that guy was in another gang. Yes it may well happen that the very next day you would take that same person and literally pound him to pulp in a bar fight, at that moment though you help out. So while we have a group here that has a wide variety of both political and religious opinions not to mention our women supporters. When involved in MRM issues that’s the last thing I concern myself with, they’re a brother in the struggle period, once it’s over and we’re away from the event we can bicker and disagree all we want. There are certainly some people inside the MRM that will disagree with this but like I said take what you like leave the rest.

      12. Keep in mind who’s on your side and who’s not

        Make a note of which people are likely to go White Knight on you. That guy that spends all his time fawning over that hot chick but isn’t sleeping with her, that effeminate guy with all those female friends, the dude with all those progessive stances and a vegan beard. That women that dresses like a guy or the self entitled princess there are a myriad of different types of person that can be. The same goes with people on your side figure out who they are. More than likely there will likely be more of the former than the latter at this point in time. Remember these people immediatly around you are the ones most likely to engage you be it in person, online or on the phone. Knowing your potential opponents and recruits will help you out down the line

      13. Always keep your immediate social group in the loop  This one is critical especially given the issue of doxing that’s been going on with people ` involved in Gamergate. These are the people that will most likely be able to assist you if you get into trouble. Even if they don’t necessarily agree with you, they will be the ones most liable to help you out if trouble happens. And given the trend of where the issue of the Men’s Rights Movement and Gamergate as a whole have been going lately someone being seriously hurt because of this issue cannot be dismissed

So there you go these are a few things that you can do on an individual level to move the MRM forward. Some require more work than others you can of course also expand your involvement keep these actions in mind. Each one of us can act on these suggestions as an individual. Enough of us doing this will add up to a lot. The bigger issues will start to wear down as this progresses. There have been cracks showing already Hollywood for instance has had a few women declare themselves as not feminists and there have been mainstream media sources that are starting to listen. Long ways to go though. While this list is hardly comprehensive and the landscape or forums of the movement will change over a period of time. Putting these suggestions into practice even just some of them will increase awareness

Also, if you have any other ideas, please post them. Individual actions count for a lot when they get done by large numbers of people


9 thoughts on “13 Things you can do to move mens issues forward

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  2. -Email the media.
    -Get active on social media.
    -Put MRA/Mgtow stickers on your car.
    -Wear Mgtow/MRA t-shirts.
    -Get your public & college library to order Mgtow & MRA books
    -Write a book or article.


  3. Someone posted this on Reddit it applies to Academia and Mens Rights and what you can do there

    *Vote in the ballot for any politician who supports men’s rights – particularly in education.
    *Vote against any feminist politician or supporter of feminism – particularly those favouring girls in education
    *Refuse donations to colleges who are strongly pro-feminist. Whenever you can do not spend on student unions, organisation who are pro-feminist.
    *Donate to any scholarship promoting men
    *Boycott colleges who are strongly pro-feminist
    *If you’re a parent and participate in PTAs, vote against any pro-feminist measures
    *Get educated about epidemiological research methods and basic stats.


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  5. Let your political representatives know how you want them to vote on specific issues. Currently, most politicians pander to feminism because they believe it is the way to get votes. They have to learn differently.

    Let them know, politely but firmly, that you want them to vote X on Y issue because (for example) it supports men and women equally rather than just serving women or harming men. Also, let them know the genuine issues that you are concerned about that will get you voting for them if they do something about them.


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