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Meme magic! It’s so panic-inducing that the European Parliament passed a law banning them. I remember not all that long ago when it was the left that was mocking the right. Jon Stewart and the Daily Show was one of my personal favorite shows. Around 2013 something happened! The Daily Show just stopped being funny and the show just kept repeating left-wing talking points.

Every so often though something comes along that undermines the SJW, Cultural Marxist Agenda in a way that people never could’ve expected! Hence we have the not so new but the surging hashtag #NPC

So what is it about this particular hashtag that’s getting the regressive left so upset?

Well in order to understand this you have to get into the mind of the regressive. What faction they belong to really isn’t relevant because as you will continue to read on the mindset is really pretty consistent across the board.

First of all, almost all regressives see themselves as unique, special, free-thinking (Yes, seriously) That view what they’re doing as a cause. They’re edgy dangerous hipsters that are challenging the lying corrupt establishment. Each and every one of them literally is a special snowflake


In their minds, they’re warriors against the evil conservative misogynistic white controlled capitalists that are out to make a profit even at the expense of humanity and the world we live in. Except of course Google who can make a censorious site for China, they’re just fine right. These people live in a bubble/echo chamber where everyone around is affirming that belief. Anyone who isn’t parroting that opinion is a traitor, deluded and can be dismissed without consideration because well you’re part of the problem, not the solution like they are. The excuse they use is that you, most of the people reading this blog. Are male, white, conservative, alt-right, MAGA hat wearing, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic etc. But them well their opinion is simply gold plated shit!


After all your opinion doesn’t matter because well you’re a white male! Or if you’re on the far right A jew


I’ve been in this game for a while. I’ve encountered this excuse to not answer a direct question more times than I care to remember. I’ve seen this excuse come from both the far left and far right. The far right uses you’re a homo, commie, or with antisemites anyone and I literally anyone who disagrees with the magically becomes a Jew. But we’re not here to discuss the right. It’s the left that’s currently sperging out about this meme. Going so far as to have Twitter shut down NPC accounts at their site. How bad is it well just look at all these articles?

Now we get into exactly why this meme has so much more power than almost anything else that’s come around. It does the exact same thing back to them it reduces them down a faceless, unoriginal drone. It dismisses anything that they say down to a canned response because well that’s what it almost always is. The irony here is that the very things that the regressive left attempts to use to dismiss this meme backfire and only serves to make the meme more effective. This includes attempts by writers featured above that only reinforce the special snowflake narrative that the various shitlords and deplorables like myself have been using on them. It’s also not a swear word so you can’t go crying to Twitter to get it banned, and even this backfires on them too because as I’ve said before it reinforces the NPC cut and paste mentality of banning or reporting rather than answering rebuttals. Something that Regressives avoid with almost fanatical zeal. A group that relies so heavily on people not checking their facts. It traps them in a literal no-win situation. In this scenario doing anything other than coming up with a good answer only plays into the meme.

It should, therefore, come as no surprise that there’s a serious attempt to get this meme wiped off the net. I myself had the opportunity to use this meme tonight. It had a much greater effect than expected. One of the people I was dealing with simply stormed out while the other one actually voluntarily lifted a block she had imposed on me to start answering me back. And of course, they did everything they could to avoid answering the original post. It even has more power than the now failing Russian bot because unlike that excuse the people being dismissed are real.

So with just three little letters, you’re dismissing everything a regressive is saying. You’re letting that person know that their thinking isn’t original, hip, edgy, creative or in any way moving anything forward. You’re force-feeding them the ugly truth. That there’s nothing anti-establishment that they’re boring, predictable and what they’re saying can be dismissed just like they’ve been dismissing our arguments without consideration. In effect, they’re Borg a collective just blindly following orders like a drone


When you make someone confront the truth about themselves you’re going to get some very angry responses. And this is what this meme more than anything else I’ve seen do. The timing of this meme just before the mid-terms right after the Kavanaugh hearings (Which I ended up covering for three straight weeks on my YouTube channel) is almost exquisite. This particular meme has staying power not just because it’s funny. But because it’s true.

So next time you see a Regressive sperging out about whatever talking point. just call them out and when you get the usual dismissive canned response you pull out the NPC meme and watch the fun happen. But here are some examples enjoy! One thing you’ll note with these tweets is that these are people that are some importance in their own minds at least. Proving that you don’t have to be a nobody to earn the NPC title.


The Red Pill subreddit has been “quarantined”

Sharing this hope this isn’t an issue

Lion of the Blogosphere

The incel subreddit was banned last year, looks like this is the first step here. The Trump administration needs to do something tech companies violating people’s free speech rights.

It finally happened. We’ve been quarantined. It’s a matter of time before we’re entirely removed.

The mods will discuss our next move and report back.

In the mean time, make sure you visit Stony Brook University to find out what real positive masculinity is.

That’s right. The people telling men they shouldn’t be heard or seen are telling us they know what real masculinity is.

You couldn’t prove TRP any more right than the admin are right now.

I don’t expect to be here much longer. Make sure you register on today.

It happened as we approached 300,000 subscribers. Guess what quarantined subs can’t see? Their subscriber count.


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It’s just ASS

Good Read



I can’t really pinpoint exactly when I had this hysterical (objective) view but I remember some few years back when after rolling in the sheets with some girl from school, I went to the bathroom feeling like I’m on top of the world, then I looked in the mirror and everything changed.  A peculiar melancholy swept through my soul, exit it, and took the entire space not occupied by me in that lighted bathroom.  You could put me in the middle of the sun and I’d still feel that darkness.  The sorrow was so thick I could feel it to my bones.  I felt precisely the devil’s laughter, one Schopenhauer alluded to happening after copulation.  I was a bit drunk but very lucid.  “You fool.  You did it again.  Now what?”  I felt the chills right to my marrow.  Now we go back into the world with the febrile purpose…

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HuffPo implies that Bari Weiss and Dave Rubin are “fancy racists”

Sharing this hope that’s not an issue with you

Why Evolution Is True

Racism is the mot du jour for Authoritarian Leftists. Do you want to tar someone you don’t like? Just call them a “racist,” even if there’s no evidence they are bigots. No matter if they’re just conservatives or even moderates—”racist” will do in place of “Republican”, “libertarian,” or even “moderate Democrat.”

Read and weep as the HuffPo Control-Left demonizes those who, by and large, are on our side. Yes, Rubin is a libertarian, but Weiss is a classical liberal who has been deemed ideologically impure by idiots like those who run HuffPost. Click the screenshot to read:


The world would not be quite so riven with death and destruction if America’s political elite had better taste in music. Classic rock, for instance, is a fraud. It never existed. Jimmy Page never turned to Robert Plant and said, “Hey, let’s start a classic rock band.” Led Zeppelin did not imagine…

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Red Pill Nation Hangout #37

Red Pill Nation Hangout #37
Tonights Topics
1. Jack Dorsey and Congress Testimony
2. Alex Jones Capital Hill and Twitter Banning
3. Leaving Twitter
4. Brett Kavanaugh Hearing
5. Swedish Election
6. Gender Diversity on Publicly Traded Companies in California
7. Brie Larson Captain Marvel SJW warning signs

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Captain Marvel Media Goes Full SJW

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Prophetic Words from a Political Crook

Re-Blogging this hope that’s not an issue with you

The Tactical Hermit

In 1967 a crooked former Louisiana Governor (Democrat) by the name of Huey Long gave an interview in Playboy Magazine and said the following:

 “Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism. I’m afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security.”

Anti-Fascism? You mean like that group ANTIFA?

You mean like the neo-marxist in Silicon Valley that run Facebook, Twitter, Apple, etc. who have deemed “Hate Speech” to be anything other than their liberal Point of View?

Who have deemed “Hate Groups” to be anyone who does not agree with their point of view and/or speaks out against them?

You see where this is going?

Liberal Fascism is beginning to rise in America all under the guise of “Anti-Fascism” and I hate to break it to you but it has some serious corporate bankroll behind it.

How much…

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