Red Pill Nation Hangout #60

Red Pill Nation Hangout #60

Tonights Topics


  1. Jussigate attack hoax

  2. Brie Larson singlehandedly devalues Captain Marvel

  3. Fat Activist Dies of Heart Attack

  4. Maxime Bernier Interview

  5. SNC Lavalin

  6. Senate Investigation Clears Trump

  7. Trump National Emergency over Wall










Jussie Smollett Faces Prison, Career Ruin if He Lied About Attack


Chicago police want to talk to Jussie Smollett, but they don’t know when that’ll happen


Jussie Smollett Was Involved In Creating Racist Letter, Which Later Led To Attack, Sources Say


Did the Media Jump the Gun on the Jussie Smollett Story?


The Media Gaslighting Over Jussie Smollett HOAX Has Begun


The Lessons of Jussie Smollett


Jussie Smollett’s Anti-Trump Story Falls Apart




Captain Marvel: The Brie Larson Controversies affecting the Boxoffice?


Brie Larson Totally Doesn’t Hate “White Men” Captain Marvel Isn’t For “Whites” Though


Captain Marvel Excuses Begin – The Misogynist Alt-right Troll Narrative Is Underway




Catherine Oakeson, who advocated plus-size positivity, dies at 49


Fat Activist Dies of a Heart Attack at 49.


Maxime Bernier: The Next Prime Minister of Canada? (Full Interview)


SNC-Lavalin Lobbying Scandal Has Put Justin Trudeau In a Corner


Charges against SNC-Lavalin explained — and how the PMO allegedly got involved


‘Flippant attitude’ on SNC-Lavalin scandal may hurt Trudeau


Trudeau adviser Gerald Butts quits amid SNC-Lavalin scandal


Trudeau takes questions after adviser resigns amid SNC-Lavalin scandal | Power & Politics


Senate Has Found No Direct Evidence Of Collusion Between Trump And Russia | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


Senate investigation into Russia probe ending after two years


Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia


Trump-Russia investigation: Senate probe finds no direct evidence of collusion during 2016 election


President Trump Declares National Emergency & Holds Press Conference 2/15/19


Rush Limbaugh on whether Trump is justified in securing wall funding


The 47 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump’s wild national emergency declaration


16 states file lawsuit to stop Trump’s national emergency declaration


Trump might have a solid case for emergency declaration, analysts say


‘SNL’ lampoons Trump’s national emergency


Illegal Immigration: It’s About Power



Red Pill Nation Hangout #157


Red Pill Nation Hangout #168


1. 3:40 Million MAGA March in Washington DC

2. 23:37 Cosmopolitan Magazine: Morbid Obesity is Healthy!

3. 39:42 Musicians Refuse Grammy Awards because they’re too White

4. 57:30 Jodie Whitaker (Female Doctor Who) Quits show after ratings tank

5. 1:13:58 Stars Wars Civil War brewing between New Republic and Mandalorian groups

6. 1:54:07 Democrats take both Georgia Senate

Black Pill Documentary: Online Dating in 2020

This is a fascinating look at The Black Pill world and why and how it’s been taking off. Despite numerous attempts to shame and censor Incels when you get into this Documentary you see what’s going through their minds and the ways this group has been putting entirely too much emphasis on external validation

For someone like me the answer was very obvious, go MGTOW problem solved right

Here’s the issue the powers that are currently in place don’t want men finding the options available virtually all of the options for men have some kind of stigma attached to them.

Removing the social stigmas attached to these options appears to be one of the best options out there


MGTOW Lurkers

You may want to be sitting down for this one but when one pseudo Anti MGTOW mysteriously disappeared the moment I challenged him for details on his snarky post


Because Twitter Censored This (Hunter Biden) New York Post Article

The link to the New York Post Story is here

This is a bit of a work around but if you want to see the New York Post Story I posted it here because Twitter kept blocking my attempts to post it on my feed

Not to mention that James Woods (Last I saw anyway) had his account blocked for posting this. I’m willing to have this happen to me in order to make sure this story doesn’t get buried.


Yes, not a professional journalist. And my content is Manosphere heavy I have zero apologies for this

Another Male Feminist comes to the rescue

You know in midst of all the BLM/Antifa BS going around there’s one group that’s been pretty quiet lately and that’s been FEMINISM!

Over a year ago a (I aint making this up) Fat Activist and Master Degree in Sexual Studies wrote one of the worst articles I’ve ever seen on men and masculinity. So I wrote a response to it and then since it was literally that bad. I went and did a MGTOW Master Series on it


But Fear not Phillipe Leonard Fradet your white knight has arrived! His name was was Jacob Blaustein a man so rock solid that he logged off right after he did all this drive by posting. I’m going to start with the first of these because well we could all use a laugh

It was so long that it literally warrants it’s own blog article. He also did some other responses that I’ll get into. But this was his masterpiece my response is included and highlighted

The Response! Like I said my response is the bold type, my original article is

“I’m going to just say it though, nobody and I do mean nobody outside the SJW/Feminist echo chamber is going to buy this.

Although Philippe do tell, what’s it like being so hard up for female approval that you would throw other men under the bus to get it? Masculinity is not a disease that needs to be cured.”

Like Wow man one SoyBoy defends another SoyBoy. I rarely run into someone literally so fanatically blue pilled that they’d write another whole article to refute one of mine but hey let’s have some fun here

***Well for one thing you lie about what masculinity is as we have done research of it in action: https://www.stanfordlawreview.org/online/the-masculinity-motivation/

Oh wow so a person from a GENDER (MISANDRY) STUDIES department is going to lecture ME on Masculinity, frankly I should tell you to just go f-yourself right now. Fortunately, there’s a manosphere there which is growing incrementally at the moment which is making sure your lies and misandry don’t become the dominant narrative. Even with the MSM, Silicon Valley, Hollywood and the Democrats running block for you. You’re STILL LOSING the narrative.

You can put as much lipstick as you want on the pig it’s still a pig and the fact that it’s an academic feminist doesn’t change that. Not even interested in reading it I’ve seen “Studies” like this before they dress it up but they’re all the same basic premise…MAN Bad, Maleness is a disease!

***“Can’t you see the contradiction? Women want to be sexually alluring” No, they just said they are forced by culture and punished for it. This is victim-blaming.

So women don’t want to be alluring (Well likely the ones you’re sniveling up to try and please anyway)

“Men don’t have to face their feelings.” Says who? Perhaps men face their feelings but, being governed less by those feelings than women, are able to act without always giving in to those feelings. For example, a man may be desperately afraid but still go into battle or chase down a dangerous criminal. Overcoming “feelings” is not the same thing as refusing to face those feelings. Perhaps men are not as vulnerable to sexual violence, but they are much more likely to be the victims of other sorts of violence. Men are much more likely to be murdered, beaten, etc. It’s crazy to say that men are put on pedestals. Men are criticized all day and every day in our current social environment. This article, for example. ”

***Wrong, just plain wrong. You do refuse to face those feelings because you refuse to be “governed” by them, i.e. recognize that you have issues: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-race-good-health/201902/mental-health-among-boys-and-men-when-is-masculinity-toxic

God damn I’ve got me a stupid smart person here! Using sweeping generalizations is the absolute height of stupidity

***“But this is evaluating a person based on his group characteristics, and not by his personal circumstances, which is the dictionary definition of prejudice” Wrong:

“an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics”

***We are explaining how bigotry happens and how to stop it, not being bigots ourselves you intellectually dishonest fool.

Oh but you have ENTIRE University departments devoted to Misandry and WE’RE the Bigots! You morons even try and go so far as to try and say Misandry doesn’t exist because you’re so high on your own Bullshit.

“Not all women, all black people, or all gay people are oppressed, and not all straight white men lead a life of privilege. Some of the latter are poor, mentally challenged, in chronic pain, and lonely. Intersectionality is just a half-assed attempt to recognize that people are different, but it stops at group differences instead of individual differences. ”

***So because not everyone is oppressed, we shouldn’t care on why oppression occurs? You think that because differences exist that everyone should be treated differently by default? https://www.thetaskforce.org/new-analysis-shows-startling-levels-of-discrimination-against-black-transgender-people/

Uh, where is that being said? BE SPECIFIC and call me crazy yeah you judge a person by their actions not by anything else. You especially love to try and blame men (Especially White Men) for all your problems EXCEPT.

That there’s no law on the books in the West that prevents women from doing anything.

“Let’s start with why those norms exist. Women must bear the children. Women on average are so much better at nurturing young children than are men. Left to their own choices, women are much more likely to want to work with small children as daycare workers or elementary school teachers. This is true in every society throughout all of history and is still true today in modern sex-egalitarian societies such as Scandinavia. Women typically don’t desire dangerous or physically taxing occupations. Women prefer to work part-time much more than do men.”

***You conflated gendered behaviour with biology, they aren’t the same: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/331377735_Does_Gender_Leave_an_Epigenetic_Imprint_on_the_Brain

And the feminist approach has advantages: https://lens.monash.edu/@politics-society/2020/06/15/1380669/mate-we-need-to-talk-about-mental-health-and-masculinity

Oh, I get it so in most mammal species they’re just faking it then! I guess in Hunter-Gatherer days of Humanity Men didn’t go out and hunt and the women didn’t stay close to camp and gather.

Easily the largest package of intellectual bullshit I’ve come across as a response here. Not interested in raising a feminist son that’s going to be shamed just for being

Personally, it’s people like you who construct these intellectuals tower to justify why they need to be whipped pricks and then literally go out into the world and try to re-engineer society because women couldn’t vote 100 years ago make me sick!

Dude what is like being SO HARD UP for female approval that you’d even try this crap with me. Did you really think that burying your long response in Intellectual BS would somehow confuse me? You’re not that smart, the very fact that you’d even try this tells me so in spades.

In short take your Man Bad, Masculinity is a disease bullshit and get lost

BUT WAIT! It gets better! He posted up a few more times


Jacob Blaustein

What about gay muslims? https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/affirming-mosques-help-gay-muslims-reconcile-faith-sexuality-n988151

  1. Neroke Jacob Blaustein Hey moron Antifa did this. And WHERE specifically did I say I was against gay marriage?

Jacob Blaustein

Religion in general sucks.

  1. Neroke Jacob Blaustein Well even a broken clock is right twice a day

He actually got the second one right, honestly don’t know and don’t really care about Gay Muslims wish them all the best but I aint either of them.

The comment on religion? Well you can read what I posted right

Anyway I’ve encountered this before. The person comes on posts up like a big bad guy and then logs out never to be seen again. This time though he left such an epic bad response it deserved it’s own take down. I did a quick check on the name on Facebook (Don’t contact the idiot) I’m getting lectured by a guy that isn’t even half my age and like a lot of people right now, seems to think he’s smarter than he actually is.

Haven’t had to do a blog in a while so enjoy!

The Denials Continue!

Clearly, the mainstream media must think we’re all stupid. Despite overwhelming evidence that they’re involved and Donald Trump finally declaring them a terrorist organization. The mainstream media has continued to double down and blatantly announce that Antifa isn’t involved.

Not that it really matters much as I’ve discovered people will believe what they want to believe, no matter how much evidence you show them to the contrary.

This is what this article is for. I went looking for as many links as I could find showing everyone that Antifa is involved in this. MSM consider your bluff called!











You know what I discovered while posting up links here was that there were quite a few times where I was told that this link couldn’t be previewed! Gotta start wondering here if WordPress has decided to also take the knee here.

Anyway that’s all I could find in an hour. Going to do another one in a few days.